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== Building e ==
The easiest way to build is to use the supplied scripts (example shows debug build):
cd external
sudo ./ bakefile
./ debug
cd ..
cd src
make DEBUG=1
== Packages ==
If you choose to install packages manually, these are the Ubuntu packages required before building:
- build-essential
- libgtk2.0-dev
- libglib2.0-dev
- libatk1.0-dev
- libcurl-dev
Packages required by WebKit:
- bakefile (ubuntu:
- libxml-2.0 (ubuntu: libxml2-dev)
- libxslt (ubuntu: libxslt1-dev)
- sqlite3 (ubuntu: libsqlite3-dev)
- icu (ubuntu: libicu-dev)
- libjpeg (ubuntu: libjpeg62-dev)
- bison
- flex
- gperf
== Bundling e into tar.gz, rpm or deb packages
1. Build e (release build) as described above
2. Checkout ebundles tree as described in
3. Export svn working tree into ./external/stuff (Bundles, Support and Themes directories must be present)
4. To create tar.gz archive run make -C src tar
5. To create RPM package run sudo make -C src rpm
6. To create Deb package run make -C src deb
== Windows Files ==
These files do not compile, probably due to Windows dependencies:
- CygwinDlg.cpp - not needed, all uses are commented out
- ExceptionHandler.cpp - never used?
- ExceptionAttacher.cpp - never used?
- GetWinVer.cpp - only used by ExceptionHandler
- IEHtmlWin.cpp - never used, Linux uses WebKitHtmlWnd instead
- MiniVersion.cpp - only used by ExceptionHandler
- ShellContextMenu.cpp - cannot be compiled, should be replaced with Gnome/KDE equivalent
- wxactivex.cpp - only used by IEHtmlWin, cannot be compiled