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#include "BracketHighlight.h"
void BracketHighlight::Set(unsigned int start, unsigned int end){ m_interval.Set(start, end);}
void BracketHighlight::Clear() { m_interval.start = m_interval.end = 0; }
bool BracketHighlight::IsEndPoint(const unsigned int pos) const { return (pos == m_interval.start) || (pos == m_interval.end); }
unsigned int BracketHighlight::OtherEndPoint(const unsigned int pos) const {
if (pos == m_interval.start) return m_interval.end;
if (pos == m_interval.end) return m_interval.start;
// Not on an endpoint, but have to return something.
return (unsigned int)-1;
const interval& BracketHighlight::GetInterval() const {return m_interval;}
bool BracketHighlight::HasInterval() const {return m_interval.start != m_interval.end; }
bool BracketHighlight::HasOrderedInterval() const {
return m_interval.start < m_interval.end;
bool BracketHighlight::UpdateIfChanged(unsigned int changeToken, unsigned int pos) {
// If no change to document or position, then stop.
if (m_lastChangeToken == changeToken && m_lastPos == pos) return false;
// Set new change token and position.
m_lastChangeToken = changeToken;
m_lastPos = pos;
return true;