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* Copyright (C) 2009, Alexander Stigsen,
* This software is licensed under the Open Company License as described
* in the file license.txt, which you should have received as part of this
* distribution. The terms are also available at
* This software is distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY
* KIND, either express or implied.
#ifndef __EDITORCTRL_H__
#define __EDITORCTRL_H__
#include "wx/wxprec.h"
#ifndef WX_PRECOMP
#include <wx/wx.h>
#include <wx/dnd.h>
#include "Catalyst.h"
#include "Lines.h"
#include "styler_searchhl.h"
#include "styler_variablehl.h"
#include "styler_htmlhl.h"
#include "styler_syntax.h"
#include "SnippetHandler.h"
#include "key_hook.h"
#include "FindFlags.h"
#include "BundleItemType.h"
#include "BracketHighlight.h"
#include "DetectTripleClicks.h"
#include "AutoPairs.h"
#include "Bookmarks.h"
#include "CommandHandler.h"
#include "Macro.h"
#include "IFoldingEditor.h"
#include "IEditorDoAction.h"
#include "IPrintableDocument.h"
#include "IEditorSymbols.h"
#include "IEditorSearch.h"
#include "ITabPage.h"
#include "styler_selections.h"
class wxFileName;
class cxEnv;
class GutterCtrl;
class EditorFrame;
class PreviewDlg;
class cxRemoteAction;
class TextTip;
class eFrameSettings;
class LiveCaret;
struct thTheme;
class tmAction;
class tmDragCommand;
class TmSyntaxHandler;
class EditorCtrl : public KeyHookable<wxControl>,
public IFoldingEditor,
public IEditorDoAction,
public IPrintableDocument,
public IEditorSymbols,
public IEditorSearch,
public ITabPage
class ModSkipState {
enum {
} m_state;
wxDateTime m_date;
ModSkipState() : m_state(SKIP_STATE_ASK) {}
ModSkipState(const class ModSkipState& o) : m_state(o.m_state), m_date(o.m_date) {}
class ModSkipState& operator=(const class ModSkipState& o) {m_state = o.m_state; m_date = o.m_date; return *this;}
EditorCtrl(const doc_id di, const wxString& mirrorPath, CatalystWrapper& cw, wxBitmap& bitmap, wxWindow* parent, EditorFrame& parentFrame, const wxPoint& pos = wxPoint(-100,-100), const wxSize& size = wxDefaultSize);
EditorCtrl(const int page_id, CatalystWrapper& cw, wxBitmap& bitmap, wxWindow* parent, EditorFrame& parentFrame);
EditorCtrl(CatalystWrapper& cw, wxBitmap& bitmap, wxWindow* parent, EditorFrame& parentFrame, const wxPoint& pos = wxPoint(-100,-100), const wxSize& size = wxDefaultSize);
virtual ~EditorCtrl();
void Init();
bool IsOk() const;
bool IsRemote() const {return m_remoteProfile != NULL;};
const RemoteProfile* GetRemoteProfile() const {return m_remoteProfile;};
// Change state
void StartChange();
void EndChange(int forceTo=-1);
bool InChange() const;
size_t GetChangeLevel() const;
// Document info
unsigned int GetLength() const;
unsigned int GetLineCount() const {return m_lines.GetLineCount();};
int GetTopLine();
Lines& GetLines() {return m_lines;};
// Text Retrieval
wxString GetText() const;
wxString GetText(unsigned int start, unsigned int end) const;
void GetText(vector<char>& text) const;
void GetTextPart(unsigned int start, unsigned int end, vector<char>& text) const;
void GetLine(unsigned int lineId, vector<char>& text) const;
wxString GetCurrentWord() const;
wxString GetWord(unsigned int pos) const;
void WriteText(wxOutputStream& stream) const;
// Position
unsigned int GetPos() const;
unsigned int GetScrollPos() const {return scrollPos;};
void SetScroll(unsigned int ypos);
unsigned int GetCurrentLineNumber();
unsigned int GetCurrentColumnNumber();
unsigned int GetLineFromPos(unsigned int pos) {return m_lines.GetLineFromCharPos(pos);};
interval GetLineExtent(unsigned int line_id) {interval iv; m_lines.GetLineExtent(line_id, iv.start, iv.end); return iv;};
bool IsLineStart(unsigned int line_id, unsigned int pos) {return m_lines.IsLineStart(line_id, pos);};
bool IsLineEnd(unsigned int pos) {return m_lines.IsLineEnd(pos);};
void SetDocumentAndScrollPosition(int pos, int topline);
// Editing
void InsertChar(const wxChar& text);
void Insert(const wxString& text);
unsigned int InsertNewline();
void Delete(unsigned int start, unsigned int end);
void Delete(bool delWord=false);
void Backspace(bool delWord=false);
// Undo/Versioning
void Freeze();
void Commit(const wxString& label, const wxString& desc);
// Text manipulation
void Transpose();
void SwapLines(unsigned int line1, unsigned int line2);
void ConvertCase(cxCase conversion);
void DelCurrentLine(bool fromPos);
void ReplaceCurrentWord(const wxString& word);
// Raw editing commands
unsigned int RawInsert(unsigned int pos, const wxString& text, bool doSmarType=false);
unsigned int RawDelete(unsigned int start, unsigned int end);
void RawMove(unsigned int start, unsigned int end, unsigned int dest);
// Drawing & Layout
void EnableRedraw(bool enable) {m_enableDrawing = enable;};
virtual void ReDraw(){DrawLayout();}
bool Show(bool show);
void SetWordWrap(cxWrapMode wrapMode);
void SetShowGutter(bool showGutter);
void SetShowIndent(bool showIndent);
void SetTabWidth(unsigned int width, bool soft_tabs, bool force, bool activeEditor=true);
unsigned int GetTabWidth() { return m_tabWidth; }
bool IsSoftTabs() { return m_softTabs; }
void SetTabWidthFromSyntax();
void SetGutterRight(bool doMove=true);
const wxFont& GetEditorFont() const;
void SetScrollbarLeft(bool doMove=true);
unsigned int GetLeftScrollWidth() const {return m_leftScrollWidth;};
bool HasScrollbar() const;
// Document handling
void Clear();
bool IsEmpty() const;
cxFileResult OpenFile(const wxString& filepath, wxFontEncoding enc, const RemoteProfile* rp=NULL, const wxString& mate=wxEmptyString);
cxFileResult LoadText(const wxFileName& newpath);
cxFileResult LoadText(const wxString& newpath, const RemoteProfile* rp=NULL);
cxFileResult LoadText(const wxString& newpath, wxFontEncoding enc, const RemoteProfile* rp=NULL);
virtual bool SaveText(bool askforpath=false);
bool IsModified() const;
DocumentWrapper& GetDocument() {return m_doc;};
virtual const DocumentWrapper& GetDocument() const {return m_doc;};
bool SetDocument(const doc_id& di, const wxString& path=wxEmptyString, const RemoteProfile* rp=NULL);
doc_id GetDocID() const;
doc_id GetLastStableDocID() const;
virtual wxString GetName() const;
virtual const vector<unsigned int>& GetOffsets() const {return m_lines.GetOffsets();};
// TabPage interface
virtual EditorCtrl* GetActiveEditor();
virtual const char** RecommendedIcon() const;
virtual void SaveSettings(unsigned int i, eFrameSettings& settings);
virtual void CommandModeEnded();
// Bundle Editing
bool IsBundleItem() const {return m_remotePath.StartsWith(wxT("bundle://"));};
// Undo / Redo
void DoUndo();
void Redo();
interval UndoSelection(const cxDiffEntry& de);
// Skip reloading of modified file?
ModSkipState& GetModSkipState() {return m_modSkipState;}
// Path
const wxFileName& GetFilePath() const {return m_path;};
const wxString GetPath() const {return (m_remotePath.empty() ? m_path.GetFullPath() : m_remotePath);};
virtual void SetPath(const wxString& newpath);
// Copy/Paste
void OnCopy();
void OnCut();
void OnPaste();
void OnMarkCopy();
void DoCopy(wxString& copytext);
// Selection
bool IsSelected() const;
bool IsMultiSelected() const;
void SelectAll();
void Select(unsigned int start, unsigned int end, bool allowEmpty=false);
void AddSelection(unsigned int start, unsigned int end, bool allowEmpty=false);
const vector<interval>& GetSelections() const {return m_lines.GetSelections();};
void RemoveAllSelections();
void ReverseSelections();
wxString GetFirstSelection() const;
wxString GetSelFirstLine();
wxString GetSelText() const;
void SelectWord(bool multiselect=false);
void SelectWordAt(unsigned int pos, bool multiselect=false);
void SelectLine(unsigned int lineId, bool multiselect=false);
void SelectCurrentLine();
void ExtendSelectionToLine(unsigned int sel_id=0);
void SelectScope();
void SelectParentTag();
void NavigateSelections();
void NextSelection();
void PreviousSelection();
void SelectFromMovement(unsigned int oldpos, unsigned int newpos, bool makeVisible=true, bool multiSelect=false);
// Selection (objects)
bool GetNextObjectScope(const wxString& scope, size_t pos, interval& iv, interval& iv_inner) const;
bool GetNextObjectWords(size_t count, size_t pos, interval& iv, interval& iv_inner) const;
bool GetNextObjectBlock(wxChar c, size_t pos, interval& iv, interval& iv_inner);
bool GetNextObjectSentence(size_t pos, interval& iv, interval& iv_inner);
bool GetNextObjectParagraph(size_t pos, interval& iv, interval& iv_inner);
bool GetContainingObjectString(wxChar c, size_t pos, interval& iv, interval& iv_inner);
bool GetContainingObjectBlock(wxChar c, size_t pos, interval& iv, interval& iv_inner);
enum SelAction {
// Movement commands
void SetPos(unsigned int pos);
void SetPos(int line, int column);
void PageUp(bool select=false, int count=1);
void PageDown(bool select=false, int count=1);
void CursorUp(SelAction select);
void CursorDown(SelAction select);
void CursorLeft(SelAction select);
void CursorRight(SelAction select);
void CursorWordLeft(SelAction select);
void CursorWordRight(SelAction select);
void CursorToHome(SelAction select);
void CursorToEnd(SelAction select);
void CursorToLine(unsigned int line);
void CursorToColumn(unsigned int column);
void CursorToLineStart(bool soft=true, SelAction select = SEL_REMOVE);
void CursorToSoftLineStart(SelAction select) {CursorToLineStart(true, select);};
void CursorToHardLineStart(SelAction select) {CursorToLineStart(false, select);};
void CursorToLineEnd(SelAction select);
void CursorToNextChar(wxChar c);
void CursorToPrevChar(wxChar c);
void CursorToWordStart(bool bigword);
void CursorToWordEnd(bool bigword);
void CursorToPrevWordStart(bool bigword);
void CursorToNextLine();
void CursorToPrevLine();
void CursorToNextSentence();
void CursorToPrevSentence();
void CursorToNextParagraph();
void CursorToParagraphStart();
void CursorToNextSymbol();
void CursorToPrevSymbol();
void CursorToNextCurrent();
void CursorToPrevCurrent();
void GotoMatchingBracket();
// Search & Replace
virtual cxFindResult Find(const wxString& text, int options=0);
virtual cxFindResult FindNext(const wxString& text, int options=0);
virtual cxFindResult FindPrevious(const wxString& text, int options=0);
virtual bool Replace(const wxString& searchtext, const wxString& replacetext, int options=0);
virtual int ReplaceAll(const wxString& searchtext, const wxString& replacetext, int options=0);
virtual void SetSearchHighlight(const wxString& pattern, int options=0);
virtual void ClearSearchHighlight();
// SnippetHandler and EditorFrame use 3 of the following methods; may need some more refactoring here to capture that
search_result SearchDirect(const wxString& pattern, int options, size_t startpos, size_t endpos=0) const;
wxString ParseReplaceString(const wxString& replacetext, const map<unsigned int,interval>& captures, const vector<char>* source=NULL) const;
search_result RegExFind(const pcre* re, const pcre_extra* study, unsigned int start_pos, map<unsigned int,interval> *captures, unsigned int end_pos, int search_options=0) const;
search_result RegExFind(const wxString& searchtext, unsigned int start_pos, bool matchcase, map<unsigned int,interval> *captures=NULL, unsigned int end_pos=0) const;
search_result RegExFindBackwards(const wxString& searchtext, unsigned int start_pos, unsigned int end_pos, bool matchcase) const;
search_result RawRegexSearch(const char* regex, unsigned int subjectStart, unsigned int subjectEnd, unsigned int pos, map<unsigned int,interval> *captures=NULL) const;
static search_result RawRegexSearch(const char* regex, const vector<char>& subject, unsigned int pos, map<unsigned int,interval> *captures=NULL);
bool FindNextChar(wxChar c, unsigned int start_pos, unsigned int end_pos, interval& iv) const;
// Search ranges
bool HasSearchRange() const;
void SetSearchRange();
void AdjustSearchRangeInsert(size_t range_id, int len);
void ClearSearchRange(bool reset=false);
const vector<interval>& GetSearchRange() const;
const vector<unsigned int>& GetSearchRangeCursors() const;
void SetSearchRangeCursor(size_t cursor, unsigned int pos);
// Settings
void SaveSettings(unsigned int i, eFrameSettings& settings, unsigned int id);
void RestoreSettings(unsigned int i, eFrameSettings& settings, unsigned int id=0);
// Needed by IEditorSearch interface
void ProcessMouseWheel(wxMouseEvent& event);
// Caret and Selection Visibility
bool IsCaretVisible();
bool MakeCaretVisible();
void MakeCaretVisibleCenter();
void MakeSelectionVisible(unsigned int sel_id = 0);
void KeepCaretAlive(bool keepAlive=true);
// Syntax Highlighting
const wxString& GetSyntaxName() const {return m_syntaxstyler.GetName();};
void SetSyntax(const wxString& syntaxName, bool isManual=false);
void AddStyler(Styler& styler) {m_lines.AddStyler(styler);};
// Indentation
const wxString& GetIndentUnit() const {return m_indent;};
void IndentSelectedLines(bool add_indent=true);
void DedentSelectedLines() {IndentSelectedLines(false);};
wxString GetLineIndentFromPos(unsigned int pos);
void TabsToSpaces();
void SpacesToTabs();
// Encoding
wxFontEncoding GetEncoding() const;
void SetEncoding(wxFontEncoding enc);
bool GetBOM() const;
void SetBOM(bool saveBOM);
wxTextFileType GetEOL() const;
void SetEOL(wxTextFileType eol);
// Author Highlighing
/*bool IsHighlightActive() const {return m_usersStyler.IsActive();};
void ActivateHighlight();
void DisableHighlight();
void ShowRevTooltip();*/
// Commands & Shell
void DoActionFromDlg();
virtual void DoAction(const tmAction& action, const map<wxString, wxString>* envVars, bool isRaw);
void DoDragCommand(const tmDragCommand &cmd, const wxString& path);
void FilterThroughCommand();
// Scope
const deque<const wxString*> GetScope();
void ShowScopeTip();
// Drag-and-drop operations
void OnDragOver(wxCoord x, wxCoord y);
void OnDragDrop(const wxArrayString& filenames);
void OnDragDropText(const wxString& text, wxDragResult dragType);
void OnDragDropColumn(const wxArrayString& text, wxDragResult dragType);
// Shell
void SetEnv(cxEnv& env, bool isUnix=true, const tmBundle* bundle=NULL);
void RunCurrentSelectionAsCommand(bool doReplace);
// Track if doc has been modified
void MarkAsModified() {++m_changeToken;};
unsigned int GetChangeToken() const {return m_changeToken;};
virtual EditorChangeState GetChangeState() const;
void GetLinesChangedSince(const doc_id& di, vector<size_t>& lines);
// Callbacks
void SetBeforeRedrawCallback(void(*callback)(void*), void* data) {m_beforeRedrawCallback = callback; if (data) m_callbackData = data;};
void SetAfterRedrawCallback(void(*callback)(void*), void* data) {m_afterRedrawCallback = callback; if (data) m_callbackData = data;};
void SetScrollCallback(void(*callback)(void*), void* data) {m_scrollCallback = callback; if (data) m_callbackData = data;};
// Preview (in html)
bool IsSavedForPreview() const {return m_savedForPreview;};
void MarkPreviewDone() {m_savedForPreview = false;};
// Completion
void DoCompletion();
wxArrayString GetCompletionList();
void ShowCompletionPopup(const wxArrayString& completions);
// Symbols
virtual int GetSymbols(vector<SymbolRef>& symbols) const;
virtual wxString GetSymbolString(const SymbolRef& sr) const;
virtual void GotoSymbolPos(unsigned int pos);
// Bracket Highlighting
virtual const BracketHighlight& GetHlBracket() const {return m_bracketHighlight;};
// Folding
vector<unsigned int> GetFoldedLines() const;
virtual const vector<cxFold>& GetFolds() const {return m_folds;};
void UpdateFolds() {ParseFoldMarkers();};
void Fold(unsigned int line_id);
void FoldAll();
void FoldOthers();
void UnFold(unsigned int line_id);
virtual void UnFoldParents(unsigned int line_id);
void UnFoldAll();
void ToggleFold();
void SelectFold();
void SelectFold(unsigned int line_id);
bool IsLineFolded(unsigned int line_id) const;
virtual bool IsPosInFold(unsigned int pos, unsigned int* fold_start=NULL, unsigned int* fold_end=NULL);
bool HasFoldedFolds() const;
vector<cxFold*> GetFoldStack(unsigned int line_id);
// Bookmarks
void ToogleBookmarkOnCurrentLine();
void AddBookmark(unsigned int line_id, bool toggle=false);
void DeleteBookmark(unsigned int line_id);
void ClearBookmarks();
void GotoNextBookmark();
void GotoPrevBookmark();
const vector<cxBookmark>& GetBookmarks() const;
void BuildBookmarkMap(std::map<int, bool>& bookmarksMap) const;
// Scroll Position
int GetYScrollPos() const { return scrollPos; };
// Theme
const tmTheme& GetTheme() const { return m_theme; };
// Snippets
SnippetHandler& GetSnippetHandler() {return m_snippetHandler;};
// Macro
void PlayMacro();
virtual void PlayMacro(const eMacro& macro);
wxVariant PlayCommand(const eMacroCmd& cmd);
eMacro& GetMacro() {return m_macro;};
class MacroDisabler {
MacroDisabler(eMacro& m) : m_macro(m), m_enable(false) {
if (m_macro.IsRecording()) {
m_enable = true;
~MacroDisabler() {if (m_enable) m_macro.StartRecording();};
bool IsRecording() const {return m_enable;};
eMacro& m_macro;
bool m_enable;
#ifdef __WXDEBUG__
void Print();
#endif //__WXDEBUG__
virtual bool OnPreKeyDown(wxKeyEvent& event);
virtual bool OnPreKeyUp(wxKeyEvent& event);
// Let the editor class load lines into the document, however it needs to
// for the kind of thing being loaded.
virtual cxFileResult LoadLinesIntoDocument(const wxString& whence_to_load, wxFontEncoding enc, const RemoteProfile* rp, wxFileName& localPath);
// Allow derived classes to notify their parent panels to update.
virtual void UpdateParentPanels();
// Event handlers
void OnPaint(wxPaintEvent& event);
void OnChar(wxKeyEvent& event);
void OnKeyDown(wxKeyEvent& event);
void OnKeyUp(wxKeyEvent& event);
void OnSize(wxSizeEvent& event);
void OnEraseBackground(wxEraseEvent& event);
void OnMouseLeftDown(wxMouseEvent& event);
void OnMouseRightDown(wxMouseEvent& event);
void OnMouseLeftUp(wxMouseEvent& event);
void OnMouseCaptureLost(wxMouseCaptureLostEvent& event);
void OnMouseDClick(wxMouseEvent& event);
void OnMouseMotion(wxMouseEvent& event);
void OnMouseWheel(wxMouseEvent& event);
void OnLeaveWindow(wxMouseEvent& event);
void OnScroll(wxScrollWinEvent& event);
void OnScrollBar(wxScrollEvent& event);
void OnIdle(wxIdleEvent& event);
void OnClose(wxCloseEvent& event);
void OnPopupListMenu(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnFoldTooltipTimer(wxTimerEvent& event);
void OnFocus(wxFocusEvent& event);
// Called by event handlers to do the bulk of some operation.
void DoVerticalWheelScroll(wxMouseEvent& event);
void DoHorizontalWheelScroll(wxMouseEvent& event);
void StartDragSelectedText(void);
// Notification handlers
static void OnSetDocument(EditorCtrl* self, void* data, int filter);
static void OnDocCommited(EditorCtrl* self, void* data, int filter);
static void OnThemeChanged(EditorCtrl* self, void* data, int filter);
static void OnBundlesReloaded(EditorCtrl* self, void* data, int filter);
static void OnSettingsChanged(EditorCtrl* self, void* data, int filter);
void SetMate(const wxString& mate) {m_mate = mate;}
void NotifyParentMate();
void ClearRemoteInfo();
bool ProcessCommandModeKey(wxKeyEvent& event);
// Used by GutterControl
void DrawLayout(bool isScrolling=false);
// Drawing
void DrawLayout(wxDC& dc, bool isScrolling=false);
bool UpdateScrollbars(unsigned int x, unsigned int y);
void HandleScroll(int orientation, int position, wxEventType eventType);
// Coord conversion
unsigned int ClientWidthToEditor(unsigned int width) const;
wxPoint ClientPosToEditor(unsigned int xpos, unsigned int ypos) const;
wxPoint EditorPosToClient(unsigned int xpos, unsigned int ypos) const;
wxPoint GetCaretPoint() const;
unsigned int UpdateEditorWidth();
void ShowTipAtCaret(const wxString& text);
bool DoShortcut(int keyCode, int modifiers);
// Show lists as a popup menu
int ShowPopupList(const vector<const tmAction*>& actionList);
int ShowPopupList(wxMenu& menu);
void Tab();
bool SmartTab();
bool DoTabTrigger(unsigned int pos);
void DeleteSelections();
void InsertOverSelections(const wxString& text);
void InsertColumn(const wxArrayString& text, bool select=false);
void WrapSelections(const wxString& front, const wxString& back);
bool DeleteInShadow(unsigned int pos, bool nextchar=true);
interval GetWordIv(unsigned int pos) const;
// Line selections
vector<unsigned int> GetSelectedLineNumbers();
void SelectLines(const vector<unsigned int>& sel_lines);
// Block selection
enum BlockKeyState {
void SelectBlock(wxPoint endpoint, bool multi=false);
wxString GetCurrentLine();
bool DoFind(const wxString& text, unsigned int start_pos, int options=0, bool dir_forward = true);
void GetCompletionMatches(interval wordIv, wxArrayString& result, bool precharbase) const;
void DoCommand(int c);
void EndCommand();
unsigned int GetChangePos(const doc_id& old_version_id) const;
void RemapPos(const doc_id& old_version_id, unsigned int old_pos, const vector<interval>& old_sel, unsigned int toppos);
// Auto Pairing
wxString GetAutoPair(unsigned int pos, const wxString& text);
wxString AutoPair(unsigned int pos, const wxString& text, bool addToStack=true);
void MatchBrackets();
bool FindMatchingBracket(unsigned int pos, unsigned int& pos2);
// Indentation
wxString GetRealIndent(unsigned int lineid, bool newline=false, bool skipWhitespaceOnlyLines=false);
wxString GetNewIndentAfterNewline(unsigned int lineid);
bool IsSpaces(unsigned int start, unsigned int end) const;
unsigned int CountMatchingChars(wxChar match, unsigned int start, unsigned int end) const;
void ApplyDiff(const doc_id& oldDoc, bool moveToFirstChange=false);
// Styler Managment
void StylersClear();
void StylersInvalidate();
void StylersInsert(unsigned int pos, unsigned int length);
void StylersDelete(unsigned int start, unsigned int end);
void StylersApplyDiff(vector<cxChange>& changes);
// Folding
void FoldingClear();
void FoldingInsert(unsigned int pos, unsigned int length);
void FoldingDelete(unsigned int start, unsigned int end);
void FoldingApplyDiff(const vector<cxLineChange>& linechanges);
void FoldingReIndent();
void ParseFoldMarkers();
vector<cxFold>::iterator ParseFoldLine(unsigned int line_id, vector<cxFold>::iterator insertPos, bool doFold);
unsigned int GetLastLineInFold(const vector<cxFold*>& foldStack) const;
// Commands
bool cmd_Undo(int count, vector<int>& cStack, bool end=false);
// Tests
#ifdef __WXDEBUG__
void TestMilestones();
#endif //__WXDEBUG__
// Member variables
CatalystWrapper& m_catalyst;
DocumentWrapper m_doc;
Dispatcher& dispatcher;
wxBitmap& bitmap;
EditorFrame& m_parentFrame;
TmSyntaxHandler& m_syntaxHandler;
const tmTheme& m_theme;
Lines m_lines;
Styler_SearchHL m_search_hl_styler;
Styler_VariableHL m_variable_hl_styler;
Styler_HtmlHL m_html_hl_styler;
Styler_Syntax m_syntaxstyler;
Styler_Selections m_selectionsStyler;
wxTimer m_foldTooltipTimer;
TextTip* m_activeTooltip;
void (*m_beforeRedrawCallback)(void*);
void (*m_afterRedrawCallback)(void*);
void (*m_scrollCallback)(void*);
bool m_enableDrawing;
bool m_isResizing;
int scrollPos;
int m_scrollPosX;
int topline;
bool commandMode;
unsigned int m_changeToken;
bool m_savedForPreview;
unsigned int lastpos;
int m_currentSel;
bool do_freeze;
mutable int m_options_cache; // for compiled regex
mutable pcre *m_re; // for last compiled regex
mutable unsigned int m_symbolCacheToken;
int m_markCopyStart;
// Bookmarks
Bookmarks bookmarks;
// Command Mode
CommandHandler m_commandHandler;
// Above: set in constructors' intializer list
// ----
// Below: not set in initializer list
bool m_softTabs;
unsigned int m_tabWidth;
bool m_tabSettingsOverriden;
bool m_tabSettingsFromSyntax;
int lastxpos; // Used to keep Up/Down in line
GutterCtrl* m_gutterCtrl;
bool m_showGutter;
bool m_gutterLeft;
unsigned int m_gutterWidth;
wxScrollBar* m_leftScrollbar;
unsigned int m_leftScrollWidth;
LiveCaret* caret;
wxMemoryDC mdc;
int old_scrollPos; // set by OnScroll when scrolling
wxFileName m_path;
wxString m_remotePath;
const RemoteProfile* m_remoteProfile;
vector<int> commandStack;
static const unsigned int m_caretWidth;
unsigned int m_caretHeight;
wxString m_mate;
ModSkipState m_modSkipState;
// Callback data
void* m_callbackData;
// Folding vars
vector<cxFold> m_folds;
unsigned int m_foldedLines;
unsigned int m_foldLineCount;
unsigned int m_foldTooltipLine;
action lastaction;
wxPoint lastMousePos; // Used to check if mouse have really moved
// Drag'n'Drop
wxPoint m_dragStartPos;
DetectTripleClicks m_tripleClicks;
enum SelMode {
SelMode m_selMode;
int m_sel_start;
int m_sel_end;
wxPoint m_sel_startpoint;
vector<unsigned int> m_blocksel_ids;
BlockKeyState m_blockKeyState;
int m_popupMenuChoice; // used by ShowPopupList()
// Snippets
SnippetHandler m_snippetHandler;
// Change state vars
doc_id change_doc_id;
int change_pos;
int change_toppos;
// incremental search trackers
vector<interval> m_searchRanges;
vector<unsigned int> m_cursors;
// start/found are used to track state between Find calls
unsigned int m_search_start_pos, m_search_found_pos;
wxString m_indent;
AutoPairs m_autopair;
// Wrapping
bool m_doAutoWrap, m_wrapAtMargin;
BracketHighlight m_bracketHighlight;
int m_lastScopePos;
// Cached env variables
wxString m_tmFilePath;
wxString m_tmDirectory;
// Symbol cache
mutable vector<SymbolRef> m_symbolCache;
// Cache of last compiled regex
mutable wxString m_regex_cache;
// Key state
static unsigned long s_ctrlDownTime;
static bool s_altGrDown;
// Macro
eMacro& m_macro;
#endif // __EDITORCTRL_H__
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