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// ExceptionAttacher.cpp Version 1.1
// Copyright © 1998 Bruce Dawson
// This module contains the boilerplate code that you need to add to any
// MFC app in order to wrap the main thread in an exception handler.
// AfxWinMain() in this source file replaces the AfxWinMain() in the MFC
// library.
// Author: Bruce Dawson
// Modified by: Hans Dietrich
// A paper by the original author can be found at:
//#include "stdafx.h"
#include "wx/wxprec.h" // For compilers that support precompilation, includes "wx/wx.h".
#include "ExceptionHandler.h"
// This is the initial entry point into an MFC app. Normally this is in the
// MFC library: mfc\src\winmain.cpp
int AFXAPI AfxWinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance,
HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
LPTSTR lpCmdLine,
int nCmdShow)
// Wrap WinMain in a structured exception handler (different from C++
// exception handling) in order to make sure that all access violations
// and other exceptions are displayed - regardless of when they happen.
// This should be done for each thread, if at all possible, so that exceptions
// will be reliably caught, even inside the debugger.
TRACE(_T("in ExceptionAttacher.cpp - AfxWinMain\n"));
// The code inside the __try block is the MFC version of AfxWinMain(),
// copied verbatim from the MFC source code.
ASSERT(hPrevInstance == NULL);
int nReturnCode = -1;
CWinApp* pApp = AfxGetApp();
// AFX internal initialization
if (!AfxWinInit(hInstance, hPrevInstance, lpCmdLine, nCmdShow))
goto InitFailure;
// App global initializations (rare)
if (!pApp->InitApplication())
goto InitFailure;
// Perform specific initializations
if (!pApp->InitInstance())
if (pApp->m_pMainWnd != NULL)
TRACE(_T("Warning: Destroying non-NULL m_pMainWnd\n"));
nReturnCode = pApp->ExitInstance();
goto InitFailure;
nReturnCode = pApp->Run();
#ifdef _DEBUG
// Check for missing AfxLockTempMap calls
if (AfxGetModuleThreadState()->m_nTempMapLock != 0)
TRACE(_T("Warning: Temp map lock count non-zero (%ld).\n"),
return nReturnCode;
_T("ExceptionAttacher.cpp - AfxWinMain")))
// Do nothing here - RecordExceptionInfo() has already done
// everything that is needed. Actually this code won't even
// get called unless you return EXCEPTION_EXECUTE_HANDLER from
// the __except clause.
return 0;