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* Copyright (C) 2009, Alexander Stigsen,
* This software is licensed under the Open Company License as described
* in the file license.txt, which you should have received as part of this
* distribution. The terms are also available at
* This software is distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY
* KIND, either express or implied.
#ifndef __EXECPROCESS_H__
#define __EXECPROCESS_H__
#include "wx/wxprec.h"
#ifndef WX_PRECOMP
#include <wx/event.h>
#include <vector>
class cxEnv;
class wxProcessEvent;
class cxExecute : public wxEvtHandler {
cxExecute(const cxEnv& env, const wxString& cwd=wxEmptyString):
m_threadDone(false), m_env(env), m_cwd(cwd), m_debugLog(false), m_showWindow(false), m_updateWindow(true) {};
int Execute(const wxString& command);
int Execute(const wxString& command, const std::vector<char>& input);
std::vector<char>& GetOutput() {return m_output;};
std::vector<char>& GetErrorOut() {return m_errout;};
void SetDebugLogging(bool doLog) {m_debugLog = doLog;};
void SetShowWindow(bool doShow) {m_showWindow = doShow;};
void SetUpdateWindow(bool doUpdate) {m_updateWindow = doUpdate;};
void ThreadDone(int exitCode);
void OnEndProcess(wxProcessEvent& event);
bool m_threadDone;
int m_exitCode;
std::vector<char> m_output;
std::vector<char> m_errout;
const cxEnv& m_env;
const wxString& m_cwd;
bool m_debugLog;
bool m_showWindow;
bool m_updateWindow;
#endif // __EXECPROCESS_H__