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/*! \file iehtmlwin.h
\brief implements wxIEHtmlWin window class
#ifndef _IEHTMLWIN_H_
#define _IEHTMLWIN_H_
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
#pragma warning( disable : 4101 4786)
#pragma warning( disable : 4786)
#include <wx/setup.h>
#include <wx/wx.h>
// Memory leak checking is not compatible with STL.
// Should configure wxWindows without leak checking
// but this makes it compile at least.
#ifdef new
#undef new
#include <exdisp.h>
// STL can't compile with Level 4
#pragma warning(push, 1)
#include <iostream>
#pragma warning(pop)
using namespace std;
#include "wxactivex.h"
#include "IHtmlWnd.h"
class IStreamAdaptorBase;
class wxIEHtmlWin : public wxActiveX, public IHtmlWnd
wxIEHtmlWin(wxWindow * parent, wxWindowID id = -1,
const wxPoint& pos = wxDefaultPosition,
const wxSize& size = wxDefaultSize,
long style = wxNO_BORDER | wxWANTS_CHARS,
const wxString& name = wxPanelNameStr);
virtual ~wxIEHtmlWin();
wxWindow* GetWindow();
void LoadUrl(const wxString &_url, const wxString &_frame = wxEmptyString, bool keepHistory=false);
bool LoadString(const wxString& html, bool prependHtml=true);
bool LoadStream(istream *strm, bool prependHtml=true);
bool LoadStream(wxInputStream *is, bool prependHtml=true);
bool AppendString(const wxString& html);
void SetCharset(wxString charset);
void SetEditMode(bool seton);
bool GetEditMode();
wxString GetStringSelection(bool asHTML = false);
wxString GetText(bool asHTML = false);
wxString GetRealLocation();
wxString GetTitle();
bool GoBack();
bool GoForward();
bool GoHome();
bool GoSearch();
bool Refresh(wxHtmlRefreshLevel level);
bool Stop();
void RegisterAsDropTarget(bool _register);
void FreezeRedraw(bool on);
void SetupBrowser();
bool LoadStream(IStreamAdaptorBase *pstrm, bool prependHtml=true);
wxAutoOleInterface<IWebBrowser2> m_webBrowser;
void OnMSHTMLBeforeNavigate2X(wxActiveXEvent& event);
#endif /* _IEHTMLWIN_H_ */
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