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#include <wx/platform.h>
#include <vector>
struct ckBookmark;
struct cxFold;
class interval;
class BracketHighlight;
class IFoldingEditor {
virtual bool IsPosInFold(unsigned int pos, unsigned int* fold_start=NULL, unsigned int* fold_end=NULL) = 0;
virtual void UnFoldParents(unsigned int line_id) = 0;
virtual const std::vector<cxFold>& GetFolds() const = 0;
// This isn't used by Lines directly, but is passed to internal data member (Fixed)Line.
// The only pubilc use of this member is in Lines; the underlying EditorCtrl member
// is used internally in the editor control.
virtual const BracketHighlight& GetHlBracket() const = 0;
virtual void BuildBookmarkMap(std::map<int, bool>& bookmarksMap) const = 0;
#endif // __IFOLDINGEDITOR_H__