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#include "wx/wxprec.h"
#ifndef WX_PRECOMP
#include <wx/wx.h>
#include <map>
#include <wx/filename.h>
#include "ProjectInfo.h"
class ProjectInfoHandler {
void SetRoot(const wxFileName& path);
const wxFileName& GetRoot() const {return m_prjPath;};
bool HasProject() const {return m_prjPath.IsOk();};
// Root info
const cxProjectInfo& GetRootInfo() const {return m_projectInfo;};
void SaveRootInfo() const;
bool GetDirAndFileLists(const wxString& path, wxArrayString& dirs, wxArrayString& files) const;
// Filters
void GetFilters(const wxString& path, wxArrayString& incDirs, wxArrayString& excDirs, wxArrayString& incFiles, wxArrayString& excFiles) const;
static bool MatchFilter(const wxString& name, const wxArrayString& incFilter, const wxArrayString& excFilter);
// GotoFile triggers
const std::map<wxString,wxString>& GetTriggers() const {return m_projectInfo.triggers;};
void SetTrigger(const wxString& trigger, const wxString& path);
void ClearTrigger(const wxString& trigger);
// Member variables
wxFileName m_prjPath;
cxProjectInfo m_projectInfo;
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