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#include "StringHistorySetting.h"
#include "jsonval.h"
StringHistorySetting::StringHistorySetting(const wxString& key, size_t maxItems):
m_key(key), m_maxItems(maxItems)
size_t StringHistorySetting:: GetItemCount(const wxJSONValue& root) const {
if (!root.HasMember(m_key)) return 0;
const wxJSONValue items = root.ItemAt(m_key);
return items.Size();
wxString StringHistorySetting::GetItem(const wxJSONValue& root, size_t ndx) const {
const wxJSONValue items = root.ItemAt(m_key);
wxASSERT((int)ndx < items.Size());
return items.ItemAt(ndx).AsString();
bool StringHistorySetting::AddItem(wxJSONValue& root, const wxString& item) {
wxJSONValue& items = root[m_key];
// Duplicate check
if (items.Size() > 0) {
// If the last-added item is the same, then don't add to history.
const wxJSONValue last = items.ItemAt(0);
if (last.AsString() == item) return false;
// If the same item exists further down the list, remove it
// since we will re-add it at the top.
for (int i = 1; i < items.Size(); ++i) {
if (items[i].AsString() == item) {
// insert the new item
items.Insert(0, item);
if (items.Size() > (int)m_maxItems)
return true;
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