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#ifndef __STRINGS_H__
#define __STRINGS_H__
#include <wx/arrstr.h>
#include <wx/fontenc.h>
int wxCMPFUNC_CONV wxStringSortAscendingNoCase(wxString* s1, wxString* s2);
int HexToNumber(wxChar hexDigit);
void SimpleHtmlEncode(wxString& s);
wxString URLDecode(const wxString &value);
#ifdef __WXMSW__
void InplaceConvertCRLFtoLF(wxString& text);
unsigned int CountTextIndent(const wxString& text, const unsigned int tabWidth);
bool DetectTextEncoding(const char* buffer, size_t len, wxFontEncoding& encoding, unsigned int& BOM_len);
bool IsWordChar(const wxChar c);
bool IsBigWordChar(const wxChar c);
// Back-port of wxJoin and wxSplit from newer versions of wxWidgets
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// helper functions for working with arrays
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// by default, these functions use the escape character to escape the
// separators occuring inside the string to be joined, this can be disabled by
// passing '\0' as escape
WXDLLIMPEXP_BASE wxString wxJoin(const wxArrayString& arr,
const wxChar sep,
const wxChar escape = wxT('\\'));
WXDLLIMPEXP_BASE wxArrayString wxSplit(const wxString& str,
const wxChar sep,
const wxChar escape = wxT('\\'));
inline bool Isalnum(wxChar c) {
#ifdef __WXMSW__
return ::IsCharAlphaNumeric(c) != 0;
return wxIsalnum(c);
#endif // __STRINGS_H__
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