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* Copyright (C) 2009, Alexander Stigsen,
* This software is licensed under the Open Company License as described
* in the file license.txt, which you should have received as part of this
* distribution. The terms are also available at
* This software is distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY
* KIND, either express or implied.
#ifndef __THEMEEDITOR_H__
#define __THEMEEDITOR_H__
#include "wx/wxprec.h"
#ifndef WX_PRECOMP
#include <wx/wx.h>
#include "plistHandler.h"
#include <vector>
class ITmThemeHandler;
class wxGrid;
class wxGridEvent;
class wxGridRangeSelectEvent;
class ThemeEditor : public wxDialog {
ThemeEditor(wxWindow *parent, ITmThemeHandler& syntaxHandler);
void OnSelectorKillFocus(); // called by selectorCtrl
void Clear();
void SetTheme(const PListHandler::cxItemRef& themeRef, bool init=false);
void SizeGrid();
void EnableCtrls();
void SetSettingColour(unsigned int ndx, const char* id, const wxColour& colour, unsigned int alpha);
void SetSettingFontStyle(unsigned int ndx, bool bold, bool italic, bool underline);
void SetSelectorValue(unsigned int ndx, const char* key, const wxString& value, bool reloadTheme=false);
bool AskForColour(wxColour& colour, unsigned int& alpha);
void NotifyThemeChanged();
void SetColour(const wxColour& colour, const unsigned int alpha, const int row, const int col);
// Event handlers
void OnFontSelect(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnFontQuality(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnThemeSelected(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnNewTheme(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnDelTheme(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnButtonFg(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnButtonBg(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnButtonSel(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnButtonInv(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnButtonLine(wxCommandEvent& event);
//void OnButtonCaret(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnButtonSearchHL(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnButtonBracketHL(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnButtonGutter(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnButtonMulti(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnNewSetting(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnDelSetting(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnSize(wxSizeEvent& event);
void OnGridSelect(wxGridEvent& event);
void OnGridSelectRange(wxGridRangeSelectEvent& event);
void OnGridLeftDClick(wxGridEvent& event);
void OnGridCellChange(wxGridEvent& event);
void OnGridRightClick(wxGridEvent& event);
void OnCopyColour(wxCommandEvent& event);
void OnPasteColour(wxCommandEvent& event);
class ColourButton : public wxBitmapButton {
ColourButton(wxWindow* parent, wxWindowID id);
void Clear();
void SetColour(const wxColour& colour, unsigned int alpha);
void SetColour(const wxColour& colour);
void SetAlpha(unsigned int alpha);
unsigned int GetAlpha() const {return m_alpha;};
const wxColour& GetColour() const {return m_bgColour;};
void DrawButton();
wxColour m_bgColour;
unsigned int m_alpha;
class TransparencyDlg : public wxDialog {
TransparencyDlg(wxWindow *parent, unsigned int alpha);
unsigned int GetAlpha() const {return m_slider->GetValue();};
wxSlider* m_slider;
class FocusTextCtrl : public wxTextCtrl {
FocusTextCtrl(ThemeEditor& parent, wxWindowID id);
void OnKillFocus(wxFocusEvent& event);
ThemeEditor& m_parentDlg;
struct CopyColours {
CopyColours() {
this->row = this->col = -1;
this->hasCopyColour = false;
this->hasPasteColour = false;
CopyColours(int _row, int _col, wxColour _copyColour, unsigned int _copyAlpha) {
this->row = _row; this->col = _col;
this->hasCopyColour = true;
this->copyColour = _copyColour;
this->copyAlpha = _copyAlpha;
this->hasPasteColour = false;
CopyColours(int _row, int _col, wxColour _copyColour, unsigned int _copyAlpha, wxColour _pasteColour, unsigned int _pasteAlpha) {
this->row = _row; this->col = _col;
this->hasCopyColour = true;
this->copyColour = _copyColour;
this->copyAlpha = _copyAlpha;
this->hasPasteColour = true;
this->pasteColour = _pasteColour;
this->pasteAlpha = _pasteAlpha;
int row, col;
bool hasCopyColour;
wxColour copyColour;
unsigned int copyAlpha;
bool hasPasteColour;
wxColour pasteColour;
unsigned int pasteAlpha;
// Member variables
ITmThemeHandler& m_syntaxHandler;
PListHandler& m_plistHandler;
PListDict m_themeDict;
std::vector<PListHandler::cxItemRef> m_themes;
int m_themeNdx;
int m_currentRow;
wxArrayInt m_selection;
CopyColours copyColours;
// Member Ctrls
wxTextCtrl* m_fontDesc;
wxListBox* m_themeList;
wxGrid* m_grid;
FocusTextCtrl* m_selectorCtrl;
ColourButton* m_fgButton;
ColourButton* m_bgButton;
ColourButton* m_selButton;
ColourButton* m_invButton;
ColourButton* m_lineButton;
//ColourButton* m_caretButton;
ColourButton* m_gutterButton;
ColourButton* m_searchButton;
ColourButton* m_multiButton;
ColourButton* m_bracketButton;
wxButton* m_gridPlus;
wxButton* m_gridMinus;
wxButton* m_themePlus;
wxButton* m_themeMinus;
wxComboBox* m_qualityCombo;
#endif // __THEMEEDITOR_H__