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// Name: jsonval.h
// Purpose: the wxJSONValue class: it holds a JSON value
// Author: Luciano Cattani
// Created: 2007/09/15
// RCS-ID: $Id: jsonval.h,v 1.4 2008/01/10 21:27:15 luccat Exp $
// Copyright: (c) 2007 Luciano Cattani
// Licence: wxWidgets licence
#if !defined( _WX_JSONVAL_H )
#define _WX_JSONVAL_H
#ifdef __GNUG__
#pragma interface "jsonval.h"
// For compilers that support precompilation, includes "wx/wx.h".
#include "wx/wxprec.h"
#ifdef __BORLANDC__
#pragma hdrstop
// for all others, include the necessary headers (this file is usually all you
// need because it includes almost all "standard" wxWidgets headers)
#ifndef WX_PRECOMP
#include <wx/object.h>
#include <wx/hashmap.h>
#include <wx/dynarray.h>
#include <wx/arrstr.h>
#include "json_defs.h"
// forward declarations
#if defined( wxJSON_USE_STL )
// if compiling on MinGW we use the STL-style declaration of wxWidget's
// container classes
WX_DECLARE_OBJARRAY( wxJSONValue, wxJSONInternalArray );
class WXDLLIMPEXP_JSON wxJSONInternalArray;
//! The type of the value held by the wxJSONRefData class
enum wxJSONType {
wxJSONTYPE_INVALID = 0, /*!< the object is not uninitialized */
wxJSONTYPE_NULL, /*!< the object contains a NULL value */
wxJSONTYPE_INT, /*!< the object contains an integer */
wxJSONTYPE_UINT, /*!< the object contains an unsigned integer */
wxJSONTYPE_DOUBLE, /*!< the object contains a double */
wxJSONTYPE_STRING, /*!< the object contains a wxString object */
wxJSONTYPE_CSTRING, /*!< the object contains a static C-string */
wxJSONTYPE_BOOL, /*!< the object contains a boolean */
wxJSONTYPE_ARRAY, /*!< the object contains an array of values */
wxJSONTYPE_OBJECT, /*!< the object contains a map of keys/values */
wxJSONTYPE_LONG, /*!< the object contains a 32-bit integer */
wxJSONTYPE_INT64, /*!< the object contains a 64-bit integer */
wxJSONTYPE_ULONG, /*!< the object contains an unsigned 32-bit integer */
wxJSONTYPE_UINT64, /*!< the object contains an unsigned 64-bit integer */
wxJSONTYPE_SHORT, /*!< the object contains a 16-bit integer */
wxJSONTYPE_USHORT, /*!< the object contains a 16-bit unsigned integer */
wxJSONTYPE_MEMORYBUFF /*!< the object contains a binary memory buffer */
// the comment position: every value only has one comment position
// althrough comments may be splitted into several lines
enum {
class wxJSONValue
// class WXDLLIMPEXP_JSON wxJSONValue : public wxObject
friend class wxJSONReader;
// ctors and dtor
wxJSONValue( wxJSONType type );
wxJSONValue( int i );
wxJSONValue( unsigned int i );
wxJSONValue( short i );
wxJSONValue( unsigned short i );
wxJSONValue( long int i );
wxJSONValue( unsigned long int i );
#if defined( wxJSON_64BIT_INT)
wxJSONValue( wxInt64 i );
wxJSONValue( wxUint64 ui );
wxJSONValue( bool b );
wxJSONValue( double d );
wxJSONValue( const wxChar* str ); // assume static ASCIIZ strings
wxJSONValue( const wxString& str );
wxJSONValue( const wxMemoryBuffer& buff );
wxJSONValue( const void* buff, size_t len );
wxJSONValue( const wxJSONValue& other );
virtual ~wxJSONValue();
// functions for retrieving the value type
wxJSONType GetType() const;
bool IsValid() const;
bool IsNull() const;
bool IsInt() const;
bool IsUInt() const;
bool IsShort() const;
bool IsUShort() const;
bool IsLong() const;
bool IsULong() const;
#if defined( wxJSON_64BIT_INT)
bool IsInt32() const;
bool IsInt64() const;
bool IsUInt32() const;
bool IsUInt64() const;
bool IsBool() const;
bool IsDouble() const;
bool IsString() const;
bool IsCString() const;
bool IsArray() const;
bool IsObject() const;
bool IsMemoryBuff() const;
// function for retireving the value as ...
int AsInt() const;
unsigned int AsUInt() const;
short AsShort() const;
unsigned short AsUShort() const;
long int AsLong() const;
unsigned long AsULong() const;
bool AsInt( int& i ) const;
bool AsUInt( unsigned int& ui ) const;
bool AsShort( short int& s ) const;
bool AsUShort( unsigned short& us ) const;
bool AsLong( long int& l ) const;
bool AsULong( unsigned long& ul ) const;
#if defined( wxJSON_64BIT_INT)
wxInt32 AsInt32() const;
wxUint32 AsUInt32() const;
wxInt64 AsInt64() const;
wxUint64 AsUInt64() const;
bool AsInt32( wxInt32& i32 ) const;
bool AsUInt32( wxUint32& ui32 ) const;
bool AsInt64( wxInt64& i64 ) const;
bool AsUInt64( wxUint64& ui64 ) const;
bool AsBool() const;
double AsDouble() const;
wxString AsString() const;
const wxChar* AsCString() const;
bool AsBool( bool& b ) const;
bool AsDouble( double& d ) const;
bool AsString( wxString& str ) const;
bool AsCString( wxChar* ch ) const;
wxMemoryBuffer AsMemoryBuff() const;
bool AsMemoryBuff( wxMemoryBuffer& buff ) const;
const wxJSONInternalMap* AsMap() const;
const wxJSONInternalArray* AsArray() const;
// get members names, size and other info
bool HasMember( unsigned index ) const;
bool HasMember( const wxString& key ) const;
int Size() const;
wxArrayString GetMemberNames() const;
// appending items, resizing and deleting items
wxJSONValue& Insert( unsigned index, const wxJSONValue& value );
wxJSONValue& Append( const wxJSONValue& value );
wxJSONValue& Append( bool b );
wxJSONValue& Append( int i );
wxJSONValue& Append( unsigned int ui );
wxJSONValue& Append( short int i );
wxJSONValue& Append( unsigned short int ui );
wxJSONValue& Append( long int l );
wxJSONValue& Append( unsigned long int ul );
#if defined( wxJSON_64BIT_INT )
wxJSONValue& Append( wxInt64 i );
wxJSONValue& Append( wxUint64 ui );
wxJSONValue& Append( double d );
wxJSONValue& Append( const wxChar* str );
wxJSONValue& Append( const wxString& str );
wxJSONValue& Append( const wxMemoryBuffer& buff );
wxJSONValue& Append( const void* buff, size_t len );
bool Remove( int index );
bool Remove( const wxString& key );
void RemoveAll();
void Clear();
bool Cat( const wxChar* str );
bool Cat( const wxString& str );
bool Cat( const wxMemoryBuffer& buff );
// retrieve an item
wxJSONValue& Item( unsigned index );
wxJSONValue& Item( const wxString& key );
wxJSONValue ItemAt( unsigned index ) const;
wxJSONValue ItemAt( const wxString& key ) const;
wxJSONValue& operator [] ( unsigned index );
wxJSONValue& operator [] ( const wxString& key );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( int i );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( unsigned int ui );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( short int i );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( unsigned short int ui );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( long int l );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( unsigned long int ul );
#if defined( wxJSON_64BIT_INT )
wxJSONValue& operator = ( wxInt64 i );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( wxUint64 ui );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( bool b );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( double d );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( const wxChar* str );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( const wxString& str );
wxJSONValue& operator = ( const wxMemoryBuffer& buff );
// wxJSONValue& operator = ( const void* buff, size_t len ); cannot be declared
wxJSONValue& operator = ( const wxJSONValue& value );
// get the value or a default value
wxJSONValue Get( const wxString& key, const wxJSONValue& defaultValue ) const;
// comparison function
bool IsSameAs( const wxJSONValue& other ) const;
// comment-related functions
int AddComment( const wxString& str, int position = wxJSONVALUE_COMMENT_DEFAULT );
int AddComment( const wxArrayString& comments, int position = wxJSONVALUE_COMMENT_DEFAULT );
wxString GetComment( int idx = -1 ) const;
int GetCommentPos() const;
int GetCommentCount() const;
void ClearComments();
const wxArrayString& GetCommentArray() const;
// debugging functions
wxString GetInfo() const;
wxString Dump( bool deep = false, int mode = 0 ) const;
//misc functions
wxJSONRefData* GetRefData() const;
wxJSONRefData* SetType( wxJSONType type );
int GetLineNo() const;
void SetLineNo( int num );
// public static functions: mainly used for debugging
static wxString TypeToString( wxJSONType type );
static wxString MemoryBuffToString( const wxMemoryBuffer& buff, size_t len = -1 );
static wxString MemoryBuffToString( const void* buff, size_t len, size_t actualLen = -1 );
static int CompareMemoryBuff( const wxMemoryBuffer& buff1, const wxMemoryBuffer& buff2 );
static int CompareMemoryBuff( const wxMemoryBuffer& buff1, const void* buff2 );
static wxMemoryBuffer ArrayToMemoryBuff( const wxJSONValue& value );
wxJSONValue* Find( unsigned index ) const;
wxJSONValue* Find( const wxString& key ) const;
void DeepCopy( const wxJSONValue& other );
wxJSONRefData* Init( wxJSONType type );
wxJSONRefData* COW();
// overidden from wxObject
virtual wxJSONRefData* CloneRefData(const wxJSONRefData *data) const;
virtual wxJSONRefData* CreateRefData() const;
void SetRefData(wxJSONRefData* data);
void Ref(const wxJSONValue& clone);
void UnRef();
void UnShare();
void AllocExclusive();
//! the referenced data
wxJSONRefData* m_refData;
// used for debugging purposes: only in debug builds.
int m_progr;
static int sm_progr;
#if !defined( wxJSON_USE_STL )
// if using wxWidget's implementation of container classes we declare
// the OBJARRAY are HASH_MAP _after_ the wxJSONValue is fully known
WX_DECLARE_OBJARRAY( wxJSONValue, wxJSONInternalArray );
class wxJSONRefData
//! The actual value held by the wxJSONValue class (internal use)
Note that this structure is a \b union as in versions prior to 0.4.x
The union just stores primitive types and not complex types which are
stored in separate data members of the wxJSONRefData structure.
This organization give us more flexibility when retrieving compatible
types such as ints unsigned ints, long and so on.
To know more about the internal structure of the wxJSONValue class
see \ref pg_json_internals.
union wxJSONValueHolder {
int m_valInt;
unsigned int m_valUInt;
short int m_valShort;
unsigned short m_valUShort;
long int m_valLong;
unsigned long m_valULong;
double m_valDouble;
const wxChar* m_valCString;
bool m_valBool;
#if defined( wxJSON_64BIT_INT )
wxInt64 m_valInt64;
wxUint64 m_valUInt64;
// access to the (unsigned) integer value is done through
// the VAL_INT macro which expands to the 'long' integer
// data member of the 'long long' integer if 64-bits integer
// support is enabled
#if defined( wxJSON_64BIT_INT )
#define VAL_INT m_valInt64
#define VAL_UINT m_valUInt64
#define VAL_INT m_valLong
#define VAL_UINT m_valULong
// class WXDLLIMPEXP_JSON wxJSONRefData : public wxObjectRefData
// friend class wxJSONReader;
friend class wxJSONValue;
friend class wxJSONWriter;
virtual ~wxJSONRefData();
int GetRefCount() const;
// there is no need to define copy ctor
//! the references count
int m_refCount;
//! The actual type of the value held by this object.
wxJSONType m_type;
//! The JSON value held by this object.
This data member contains the JSON data types defined by the
JSON syntax with the exception of the complex objects.
This data member is an union of the primitive types
so that it is simplier to cast them in other compatible types.
wxJSONValueHolder m_value;
//! The JSON string value.
wxString m_valString;
//! The JSON array value.
wxJSONInternalArray m_valArray;
//! The JSON object value.
wxJSONInternalMap m_valMap;
//! The position of the comment line(s), if any.
The data member contains one of the following constants:
int m_commentPos;
//! The array of comment lines; may be empty.
wxArrayString m_comments;
//! The line number when this value was read
This data member is used by the wxJSONReader class and it is
used to store the line number of the JSON text document where
the value appeared. This value is compared to the line number
of a comment line in order to obtain the value which a
comment refersto.
int m_lineNo;
//! The pointer to the memory buffer object
Note that despite using reference counting, the \b wxMemoryBuffer is not a
\e copy-on-write structure so the wxJSON library uses some tricks in order to
avoid the side effects of copying / assigning wxMemoryBuffer objects
wxMemoryBuffer* m_memBuff;
// used for debugging purposes: only in debug builds.
int m_progr;
static int sm_progr;
#endif // not defined _WX_JSONVAL_H
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