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#ifndef __MATCHERS_H__
#define __MATCHERS_H__
#include "wx/wxprec.h"
#ifndef WX_PRECOMP
#include <wx/wx.h>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
// pre-declarations
class wxRegEx;
class interval;
struct real_pcre; // This double pre-definition is needed
typedef struct real_pcre pcre; // because of the way it is defined in pcre.h
struct pcre_extra;
class match_matcher;
class matcher {
: m_isEnabled(true), m_isInitialized(false) {};
virtual ~matcher() {};
void SetName(const wxString& name) {m_name = name;};
const wxString& GetName() const {return m_name;};
virtual bool Init(bool deep=false) = 0;
bool IsInitialized() const {return m_isInitialized;};
bool IsEnabled() const {return m_isEnabled;};
void Disable() {m_isEnabled = false;};
virtual const wxString& GetCaptureName(unsigned int WXUNUSED(capkey)) const {wxASSERT(false); return s_emptyString;};
virtual const wxString& GetContentName() const {return s_emptyString;};
virtual matcher& GetCallout(unsigned int callout_id) = 0;
virtual bool HasCaptures() const {return false;};
virtual bool IsSpanStart(unsigned int) {return false;};
virtual bool IsSpanEnd(unsigned int) {return false;};
virtual bool IsGroup() {return false;};
virtual bool IsSpan() const {return false;};
virtual matcher* GetMember(unsigned int) {return this;};
virtual unsigned int GetSubId(unsigned int) {return 0;};
// Matching
virtual int Match(char* line, unsigned int start, unsigned int len, unsigned int& callout_id, int *ovector, int ovecsize, int zeromatch) = 0;
struct calloutref {
matcher* matchptr;
match_matcher* realMatchptr;
unsigned int callout_id;
// Only for other matchers
virtual size_t GetMembers(std::vector<calloutref>& refs) = 0;
virtual matcher& SubGetCallout(unsigned int) {return *this;};
virtual bool SubIsSpanStart(unsigned int) {return false;};
virtual unsigned int SubGetId(unsigned int id) {return id;};
// Regex support functions
static void RegExConvert(wxString& pattern);
#ifdef __WXDEBUG__
static bool RegExVerify(const wxString& pattern, bool matchcase=true);
// Regex optimization
typedef std::map<wxChar, void*> NodeMap;
static void OptimizeRegex(wxString& pattern);
static void RebuildPattern(wxString& pattern, const NodeMap& node);
static void DeleteNode(NodeMap* node);
// Member variables
bool m_isEnabled;
wxString m_name;
bool m_isInitialized;
static const wxString s_emptyString;
// static regexes
static wxRegEx s_alternatives;
static wxRegEx s_tabspattern;
static wxRegEx s_repfromzero;
static wxRegEx s_backref;
class group_matcher : public matcher {
: matcher(), m_initializing(false) {};
~group_matcher() {};
void AddMember(matcher* m);
bool IsValid() const {return !m_members.empty();};
// Generic class functions
bool Init(bool deep=false);
bool IsGroup() {return true;};
bool IsSpanStart(unsigned int callout_id);
pcre* GetMatchPattern();
matcher& GetCallout(unsigned int callout_id);
matcher* GetMember(unsigned int callout_id);
unsigned int GetSubId(unsigned int id);
size_t GetMembers(std::vector<calloutref>& refs);
// Matching
int Match(char* line, unsigned int start, unsigned int len, unsigned int& callout_id, int *ovector, int ovecsize, int zeromatch);
bool SubIsSpanStart(unsigned int callout_id) {return IsSpanStart(callout_id);};
matcher& SubGetCallout(unsigned int callout_id) {return GetCallout(callout_id);};
unsigned int SubGetId(unsigned int id) {return GetSubId(id);};
std::vector<matcher*> m_members;
std::vector<calloutref> m_refs;
bool m_initializing;
class match_matcher : public matcher {
match_matcher() : matcher(), m_hasCaptures(false), m_compiledPattern(NULL), m_patternStudy(NULL) {};
bool Init(bool) {return true;};
void SetPattern(const wxString& pattern);
void SetPattern(const char* pattern);
const wxString& GetPattern() {return m_pattern;};
pcre* GetMatchPattern();
pcre_extra* GetPatternStudy() {return m_patternStudy;};
// Matching
int Match(char* line, unsigned int start, unsigned int len, unsigned int& callout_id, int *ovector, int ovecsize, int zeromatch);
// Captures
bool HasCaptures() const {return m_hasCaptures;};
void AddCapture(unsigned int capkey, const wxString& name);
const wxString& GetCaptureName(unsigned int capkey) const;
// Generic class functions
matcher& GetCallout(unsigned int callout_id);
size_t GetMembers(std::vector<calloutref>& refs);
#ifdef __WXDEBUG__
void Print() const {wxLogDebug(wxT("match_matcher: \"%s\""), m_pattern.c_str());};
#endif //__WXDEBUG__
bool RegExCompile(const wxString& pattern, bool matchcase=true);
// Member variables
wxString m_pattern;
wxString m_convPattern;
bool m_hasCaptures;
pcre* m_compiledPattern;
pcre_extra* m_patternStudy;
std::map<unsigned int,wxString> m_captures;
class span_matcher : public group_matcher {
: group_matcher(), m_startMatcher(NULL), m_endMatcher(NULL), m_hasEndCaptures(false) {};
~span_matcher() {};
bool Init(bool deep=false);
void ReInit(const std::vector<char>& text, const int* captures, unsigned int capcount);
void SetStartMatcher(match_matcher* m) {m_startMatcher = m;};
void SetEndMatcher(match_matcher* m) {m_endMatcher = m;};
void SetEndPattern(const wxString& pattern) {m_endPattern = pattern;};
bool HasEndCaptures() const {return m_hasEndCaptures;};
void SetContentName(const wxString& name) {m_contentName = name;};
const wxString& GetContentName() const {return m_contentName;};
bool IsSpan() const {return true;};
bool IsSpanEnd(unsigned int callout_id);
match_matcher* GetStartMatcher() const {return m_startMatcher;};
match_matcher* GetEndMatcher() const {return m_endMatcher;};
matcher* GetStartMember(unsigned int callout_id) {return m_startMatcher->GetMember(callout_id);};
bool SubIsSpanStart(unsigned int) {return true;};
matcher& SubGetCallout(unsigned int) {return *this;};
unsigned int SubGetId(unsigned int id) {return id;};
size_t GetMembers(std::vector<calloutref>& refs);
match_matcher* m_startMatcher;
match_matcher* m_endMatcher; // only used for captures
wxString m_endPattern;
wxString m_groupPattern;
bool m_hasEndCaptures;
wxString m_contentName;
static wxRegEx s_refToCapture;
#endif // __MATCHERS_H__