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// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Inno Setup Ver: 5.2.1
// Script Version: 1.3.1
// Author: Jared Breland <>
// Homepage:
// Script Function:
// Enable modification of system path directly from Inno Setup installers
// Instructions:
// Copy modpath.iss to the same directory as your setup script
// Add this statement to your [Setup] section
// ChangesEnvironment=yes
// Add this statement to your [Tasks] section
// You can change the Description or Flags, but the Name must be modifypath
// Name: modifypath; Description: &Add application directory to your system path; Flags: unchecked
// Add the following to the end of your [Code] section
// setArrayLength must specify the total number of dirs to be added
// Dir[0] contains first directory, Dir[1] contains second, etc.
// function ModPathDir(): TArrayOfString;
// var
// Dir: TArrayOfString;
// begin
// setArrayLength(Dir, 1)
// Dir[0] := ExpandConstant('{app}');
// Result := Dir;
// end;
// #include "modpath.iss"
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
procedure ModPath();
oldpath: String;
newpath: String;
pathArr: TArrayOfString;
aExecFile: String;
aExecArr: TArrayOfString;
i, d: Integer;
pathdir: TArrayOfString;
// Get array of new directories and act on each individually
pathdir := ModPathDir();
for d := 0 to GetArrayLength(pathdir)-1 do begin
// Modify WinNT path
if UsingWinNT() = true then begin
// Get current path, split into an array
RegQueryStringValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, 'SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment', 'Path', oldpath);
oldpath := oldpath + ';';
i := 0;
while (Pos(';', oldpath) > 0) do begin
SetArrayLength(pathArr, i+1);
pathArr[i] := Copy(oldpath, 0, Pos(';', oldpath)-1);
oldpath := Copy(oldpath, Pos(';', oldpath)+1, Length(oldpath));
i := i + 1;
// Check if current directory matches app dir
if pathdir[d] = pathArr[i-1] then begin
// if uninstalling, remove dir from path
if IsUninstaller() = true then begin
// if installing, abort because dir was already in path
end else begin
// Add current directory to new path
if i = 1 then begin
newpath := pathArr[i-1];
end else begin
newpath := newpath + ';' + pathArr[i-1];
// Append app dir to path if not already included
if IsUninstaller() = false then
newpath := newpath + ';' + pathdir[d];
// Write new path
RegWriteStringValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, 'SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment', 'Path', newpath);
// Modify Win9x path
end else begin
// Convert to shortened dirname
pathdir[d] := GetShortName(pathdir[d]);
// If autoexec.bat exists, check if app dir already exists in path
aExecFile := 'C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT';
if FileExists(aExecFile) then begin
LoadStringsFromFile(aExecFile, aExecArr);
for i := 0 to GetArrayLength(aExecArr)-1 do begin
if IsUninstaller() = false then begin
// If app dir already exists while installing, abort add
if (Pos(pathdir[d], aExecArr[i]) > 0) then
end else begin
// If app dir exists and = what we originally set, then delete at uninstall
if aExecArr[i] = 'SET PATH=%PATH%;' + pathdir[d] then
aExecArr[i] := '';
// If app dir not found, or autoexec.bat didn't exist, then (create and) append to current path
if IsUninstaller() = false then begin
SaveStringToFile(aExecFile, #13#10 + 'SET PATH=%PATH%;' + pathdir[d], True);
// If uninstalling, write the full autoexec out
end else begin
SaveStringsToFile(aExecFile, aExecArr, False);
// Write file to flag modifypath was selected
// Workaround since IsTaskSelected() cannot be called at uninstall and AppName and AppId cannot be "read" in Code section
if IsUninstaller() = false then
SaveStringToFile(ExpandConstant('{app}') + '\uninsTasks.txt', WizardSelectedTasks(False), False);
//procedure CurStepChanged(CurStep: TSetupStep);
// if CurStep = ssPostInstall then
// if IsTaskSelected('modifypath') then
// ModPath();
procedure CurUninstallStepChanged(CurUninstallStep: TUninstallStep);
appdir: String;
selectedTasks: String;
appdir := ExpandConstant('{app}')
if CurUninstallStep = usUninstall then begin
if LoadStringFromFile(appdir + '\uninsTasks.txt', selectedTasks) then
if Pos('modifypath', selectedTasks) > 0 then
DeleteFile(appdir + '\uninsTasks.txt')
function NeedRestart(): Boolean;
if IsTaskSelected('modifypath') and not UsingWinNT() then begin
Result := True;
end else begin
Result := False;