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* Copyright (C) 2009, Alexander Stigsen,
* This software is licensed under the Open Company License as described
* in the file license.txt, which you should have received as part of this
* distribution. The terms are also available at
* This software is distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY
* KIND, either express or implied.
#include "wx/wxprec.h"
#ifndef WX_PRECOMP
#include <wx/wx.h>
#include <wx/filename.h>
#include <vector>
#include <deque>
#include <map>
#include "tmBundle.h"
#include "tmAction.h"
#include "tmCommand.h"
#include "tmTheme.h"
#include "tmKey.h"
#include "SyntaxInfo.h"
#include "Macro.h"
#include "IGetPListHandlerRef.h"
#include "ITmThemeHandler.h"
#include "ITmGetSyntaxes.h"
#include "ITmLoadBundles.h"
#include "Accelerators.h"
class PListHandler;
class PListDict;
class PListArray;
class IEditorDoAction;
class matcher;
class match_matcher;
class span_matcher;
class group_matcher;
class TiXmlElement;
class DocumentWrapper;
class Dispatcher;
struct style;
class tmDragCommand : public tmCommand {
virtual ~tmDragCommand() {};
bool IsDrag() const {return true;};
wxArrayString extArray;
class tmMacro : public tmAction {
virtual ~tmMacro() {};
bool IsMacro() const {return true;};
struct tmPrefs {
wxString increaseIndentPattern;
wxString decreaseIndentPattern;
wxString indentNextLinePattern;
wxString unIndentedLinePattern;
struct tmCompletionCmd {
std::vector<char> cmd;
tmBundle* bundle;
template <class T> class sNode {
sNode(const wxString& word);
void clear();
typedef std::map<wxString,sNode<T>*> NodeMap;
const std::vector<const T*>* GetMatch(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
void GetMatches(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes, std::vector<const T*>& result) const;
template<class P> void GetMatches(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes, std::vector<const T*>& result, P& pred) const {
if (!scopes.empty()) {
if (orNodes) {
// We start at the bottom of the scope and we keep going a level up
size_t ndx = scopes.size();
while (ndx > 0) {
// Parse the current scope
wxArrayString words;
Tokenize(*scopes[ndx], words);
const wxString& w = words[0];
typename NodeMap::const_iterator p = orNodes->find(w);
if (p != orNodes->end()) {
if (p->second->MatchPredicate(words, 0, scopes, ndx, result, pred)) return;
// TODO: Add a ref to the triggering scope level
// match (but there may be no targets here)
if (targets) {
typename std::vector<const T*>::const_iterator p = targets->begin();
while (p != targets->end()) {
const T* t = *p;
if (pred(t)) {
result.insert(result.end(), *p);
const std::vector<const T*>* Match(const wxString& scope, size_t scopePos, const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes, size_t level) const;
void Matches(const wxArrayString& words, unsigned int pos, const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes, size_t level, std::vector<const T*>& result) const;
template<class P> bool MatchPredicate(const wxArrayString& words, unsigned int pos, const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes, size_t level, std::vector<const T*>& result, P& pred) const {
wxASSERT(word == words[pos]);
const unsigned int nextPos = pos+1;
if (postfix && nextPos < words.Count()) {
typename NodeMap::const_iterator p = postfix->find(words[nextPos]);
if (p != postfix->end()) {
if (p->second->MatchPredicate(words, nextPos, scopes, level, result, pred)) return true;
// If we didn't find a match look for ancestors
if (level && ancestors) {
// Parse the ancestor scope
const size_t ndx = level - 1;
wxArrayString words2;
Tokenize(*scopes[ndx], words2);
const wxString& w = words2[0];
typename NodeMap::const_iterator p = ancestors->find(w);
if (p != ancestors->end()) {
if (p->second->MatchPredicate(words2, 0, scopes, ndx, result, pred)) return true;
// match (but there may be no targets here)
bool isFound = false;
if (targets) {
typename std::vector<const T*>::const_iterator p = targets->begin();
while (p != targets->end()) {
if (pred(*p)) {
result.insert(result.end(), *p);
isFound = true;
return isFound;
void AddAncestor(sNode* n);
void AddOrNode(sNode* n);
void Merge(sNode* n);
// Member variables
wxString word;
NodeMap* postfix;
NodeMap* orNodes;
NodeMap* ancestors;
std::vector<const T*>* targets;
void Print(size_t indent=0) const;
void Tokenize(const wxString& scope, wxArrayString& words) const;
// Compare class for triggers
class TriggerCompare {
bool operator()(const wxString& a, const wxString &b) const {
size_t a_len = a.Len(), b_len = b.Len();
for (size_t i = 1; i <= a_len; i++) {
if (b_len < i) return true;
if (a[a_len - i] > b[b_len - i]) {
return false;
} else if (a[a_len - i] < b[b_len - i]) {
return true;
return false;
typedef std::map<const wxString, sNode<tmAction>*, class TriggerCompare> Triggers;
class TmSyntaxHandler:
public ITmThemeHandler,
public ITmLoadBundles,
public ITmGetSyntaxes
TmSyntaxHandler(Dispatcher& disp, PListHandler& plistHandler);
class ShortcutMatch : public std::unary_function<const tmAction*, bool> {
ShortcutMatch(int keyCode, int modifiers, Accelerators* accelerators, bool preProcess)
: m_keyCode(keyCode), m_modifiers(modifiers), m_accelerators(accelerators), m_preProcess(preProcess) {};
bool operator()(const tmAction* x) const {
if(m_preProcess) {
return false;
return m_accelerators->MatchBundle(m_keyCode, m_modifiers, x);
const int m_keyCode;
const int m_modifiers;
Accelerators* m_accelerators;
bool m_preProcess;
class ExtMatch : public std::unary_function<const tmDragCommand*, bool> {
ExtMatch(const wxString& ext) : m_ext(ext) {};
bool operator()(const tmDragCommand* x) const {
const int ndx = x->extArray.Index(m_ext, false);
return (ndx != wxNOT_FOUND);
const wxString& m_ext;
// Plists
virtual PListHandler& GetPListHandler() {return m_plistHandler;};
bool DoIdle();
// Bundle Parsing
virtual void LoadBundles(cxBundleLoad mode);
virtual void ReParseBundles(bool onlyMenu=false);
void LoadSyntaxes(const std::vector<unsigned int>& bundles);
void LoadBundle(unsigned int bundeId);
bool AllBundlesLoaded() const {return m_nextBundle == m_bundleList.size();};
wxMenu* GetBundleMenu();
wxString GetBundleItemUriFromMenu(unsigned int id) const;
wxString GetBundleItemUriFromUuid(const wxString& uuid) const;
void DoBundleAction(unsigned int id, IEditorDoAction& editor);
void DoBundleAction(const wxString& uuid, IEditorDoAction& editor);
// Paths for bundles
wxFileName GetBundleSupportPath(unsigned int bundleId) const;
// Themes
virtual bool SetTheme(const char* uuid);
virtual void SetDefaultTheme();
virtual const tmTheme& GetTheme() const {return m_currentTheme;};
virtual const wxString& GetCurrentThemeName() const {return;};
virtual const wxFont& GetFont() const {return m_currentTheme.font;};
virtual void SetFont(const wxFont& font);
// Syntax
virtual const std::vector<cxSyntaxInfo*>& GetSyntaxes() const {return m_syntaxes;};
void GetSyntaxes(wxArrayString& nameArray) const;
const cxSyntaxInfo* GetSyntax(const wxString& syntaxName, const wxString& ext=wxEmptyString);
const cxSyntaxInfo* GetSyntax(const DocumentWrapper& document);
// Style
const style* GetStyle(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
// Actions
void GetAllActions(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes, std::vector<const tmAction*>& result) const;
void GetActions(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes, std::vector<const tmAction*>& result, const ShortcutMatch& matchfun) const;
void GetDragActions(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes, std::vector<const tmDragCommand*>& result, const ExtMatch& matchfun) const;
const std::vector<const tmAction*> GetActions(const wxString& trigger, const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
const std::vector<char>& GetActionContent(const tmAction& action) const;
eMacro GetMacroContent(const tmAction& action) const;
// Indentation
const wxString& GetIndentNonePattern(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
const wxString& GetIndentNextPattern(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
const wxString& GetIndentIncreasePattern(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
const wxString& GetIndentDecreasePattern(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
// Shell variables
std::map<wxString, wxString> GetShellVariables(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
// Smart Typing Pairs
std::map<wxString, wxString> GetSmartTypingPairs(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
// Completion
const std::vector<wxString>* GetCompletionList(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
const tmCompletionCmd* GetCompletionCmd(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
bool DisableDefaultCompletion(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
// Symbol
bool ShowSymbol(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes, const wxString*& transform) const;
// Folding
class cxFoldRule {
cxFoldRule(unsigned int id, const char* startMarker, const char* endMarker);
const unsigned int ruleId;
const std::vector<char> foldingStartMarker;
const std::vector<char> foldingEndMarker;
const cxFoldRule* GetFoldRule(const std::deque<const wxString*>& scopes) const;
void ClearBundleInfo();
void ClearBundleActions();
// Syntax parsing
cxSyntaxInfo* GetSyntaxInfo(unsigned int bundleId, unsigned int syntaxId);
const cxSyntaxInfo* InitSyntax(cxSyntaxInfo& si, bool isTop=true);
bool ParseSyntax(cxSyntaxInfo& si);
bool ParseGroup(const PListArray& groupArray, group_matcher& gm);
bool ParsePattern(const PListDict& patternDict, matcher*& m);
bool ParseInclude(const PListDict& patternDict, matcher*& m);
bool ParseMatch(match_matcher* mm, const PListDict& patternDict);
bool ParseSpan(span_matcher* sm, const PListDict& patternDict);
bool ParseCaptures(match_matcher& m, const PListDict& captureDict);
matcher* GetFromRepo(const char* name);
matcher* GetMatcher(const wxString& scope);
// Theme parsing
bool GetThemeName(const wxFileName& path, wxString& name);
bool LoadTheme(const char* uuid);
bool ParseSettings(const PListDict& dict, tmTheme& settings);
bool ParseStyle(const PListDict& dict, std::vector<style*>& styles, tmTheme& settings);
wxColour ParseColor(const wxString& color_hex, const wxColour& bgColor);
// Snippet parsing
bool ParseSnippet(const tmBundle& bundle, unsigned int snippetId);
// Command parsing
bool ParseCommand(const tmBundle& bundle, unsigned int commandId);
// DragCommand parsing
bool ParseDragCommand(const tmBundle& bundle, unsigned int commandId);
// Macro parsing
bool ParseMacro(const tmBundle& bundle, unsigned int macroId);
bool TranslateMacroCmd(const PListDict& macroDict, eMacro& macro) const;
bool TranslateTmMacroCmd(const PListDict& macroDict, eMacro& macro) const;
// Preference parsing
bool ParsePreferences(const PListDict& prefDict, tmBundle* bundle);
// Info parsing
bool ParseInfo(const PListDict& infoDict, tmBundle& bundle);
wxMenu* ParseMenu(const PListArray& itemsArray, const PListDict& submenuDict);
// Memory managment
match_matcher* NewMatcher();
span_matcher* NewSpan();
group_matcher* NewGroup();
class cp_less : public std::binary_function<const char*, const char*, bool> {
bool operator()(const char* x, const char* y) const {return strcmp(x,y) < 0;};
// Member variables
PListHandler& m_plistHandler;
Dispatcher& m_dispatcher;
tmTheme m_defaultTheme;
tmTheme m_currentTheme;
std::vector<tmBundle*> m_bundles;
std::vector<cxSyntaxInfo*> m_syntaxes;
std::vector<matcher*> m_matchers;
std::vector<style*> m_styles;
sNode<style>* m_styleNode;
sNode<tmAction> m_actionNode;
sNode<tmDragCommand> m_dragNode;
std::map<const wxString, tmAction*> m_actions;
Triggers m_actionTriggers;
std::map<unsigned int, wxString> m_menuActions;
wxMenu* m_bundleMenu;
unsigned int m_nextMenuID;
unsigned int m_nextFoldID;
// Idle time bundle parsing
std::vector<unsigned int> m_bundleList;
bool m_doUpdateBundles;
unsigned int m_nextBundle;
// Preferences
std::vector<tmPrefs*> m_prefs;
std::vector<std::map<wxString, wxString>* > m_shellVarPrefs;
std::vector<std::map<wxString, wxString>* > m_smartTypingPairs;
std::vector<std::vector<wxString>* > m_completions;
std::vector<tmCompletionCmd*> m_completionCmds;
std::vector<wxString*> m_symbolTransforms;
std::vector<cxFoldRule*> m_foldRules;
sNode<tmPrefs> m_prefsNode;
sNode<std::map<wxString, wxString> > m_shellVarNode;
sNode<std::map<wxString, wxString> > m_smartPairsNode;
sNode<std::vector<wxString> > m_completionsNode;
sNode<tmCompletionCmd> m_completionCmdNode;
sNode<void> m_disableCompletionNode;
sNode<wxString> m_symbolNode;
sNode<cxFoldRule> m_foldNode;
// Syntax parser state
cxSyntaxInfo* m_currentSyntax;
std::vector<matcher*> * m_currentMatchers;
const PListDict* m_currentRepo;
std::map<const char*,matcher*,cp_less> * m_currentParsedReps;
std::map<const char*,matcher**,cp_less> * m_repsInParsing;
static const wxString s_emptyString;
#endif // __TM_SYNTAXHANDLER_H__