Building on Ubuntu 9.10 fails #63

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slaskis commented Dec 6, 2009

First of all it fails on some error with wxWidgets and GTK 2, issued here:

but after "fixing" that using a trick in the comments there (commenting out the failing line) i move on to this error:

[CC] AutoPairs.cpp
[CC] Bookmarks.cpp
[CC] BracketHighlight.cpp
[CC] BundleItemEditorCtrl.cpp
[CC] BundleManager.cpp
In file included from BundleManager.cpp:27:
eBrowser.h: In function ‘wxBrowser* NewBrowser(wxWindow*, wxWindowID,    const wxPoint&, const wxSize&)’:
eBrowser.h:28: error: cannot allocate an object of abstract type ‘wxBrowser’
WebKitHtmlWnd.h:22: note:   because the following virtual functions are pure within ‘wxBrowser’:
IHtmlWnd.h:22: note:    virtual bool IHtmlWnd::LoadString(const wxString&)
make: *** [.objs.debug/BundleManager.o] Error 1

Any idea what might cause it? Building the externals went without any errors.

Running Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) 32-bit btw...

slaskis commented Dec 6, 2009

Actually, I had one problem while downloading the wxWidgets package, the server could not be found so i changed to an other sf mirror. Is the package referenced in the patched perhaps?

I had this problem, it was fixed by applying patches here:

After you applied those patches did you have a resurgence of the GSocket problem? That's what I'm getting and can't seem to get past.

I don't remember having that problem. Instead I was unable to link because of pure virtual functions. I have yet to get it to finish building.

I may not be remembering this correctly... I couldn't finish building it though, I've given up, I have to actually get work done.

Same issue here.

I'm glad that I didn't payed...

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