Ubuntu make errors - Multiple definition of pcre, undefined references to wx functions etc. #69

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BRMatt commented Mar 10, 2010

When trying to build e I get the following error(s).

I'm using the master branch, on ubuntu 9.1 and had to use the following patches to get this far:



Yeah, I get the same problems. I was able to get past all but one of the linker errors:

cxInternal.cpp:(.text+0x4d29): undefined reference to `eSettings::SetPageSettings(unsigned int, wxString const&, doc_id, int, int, wxString const&, std::vector<unsigned int, std::allocator > const&, std::vector<cxBookmark, std::allocator > const&, eSettings::SubPage)'

That one I just haven't been able to get around.

BRMatt commented Mar 11, 2010

Please can you share how you got past them?


Yeah, I'll try and clean up my changes and push them later this week.

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