Linker error in tm_syntaxhandler.cpp (Ubuntu 10.10 64bit) #76

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mooware commented Dec 30, 2010

I get a linker error when trying to build e:
[LD] e
.objs.release/tm_syntaxhandler.o: In function TmSyntaxHandler::GetActions(wxString const&, std::deque<wxString const*, std::allocator<wxString const*> > const&) const': tm_syntaxhandler.cpp:(.text+0x5263): undefined reference toIsalnum(wchar_t)'
tm_syntaxhandler.cpp:(.text+0x5280): undefined reference to `Isalnum(wchar_t)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I'd guess that the problem is that Isalnum(), defined in EditorCtrl.cpp, is inline. Because of this, it gets internal linkage, meaning that the linker will not see it.
The issue is probably caused by commit 1eeb6d3, in which uses of Isalnum() where moved to tm_syntaxhandler.cpp.

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