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Statecharts for the rest of javascript
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Stativus: Statecharts for the Rest of Us!

Stativus is a micro-framework that has full functionality of Statecharts for your application. It can work in any library such as:

Statecharts are a great way to organize your web application and make it more robust and increase code reuse.


Stativus comes in two versions:

  • Debug Mode: This is the file named stativus.js and it is more readable and you get the following
    • All enterState are documented with 'ENTER: state_name'
    • All exitState are documented with 'EXIT: state_name
    • All events are documented with 'EVENT: state_name fired [event_name] with n argument(s)'
    • Any time your application is configured in such a way that it will break, you will get a console or exception
    • All Async starts and stops will be outputted to the console.
    • Will warn you if you forgot to return true when using willEnterState()
  • Minified: this is the file named stativus-min.js and is a minified version for production use (gzipped: <3k)


A list of all demos can be found at Stativus Demos

You can see a working version using only HTML5 Canvas / JQuery / Stativus called RedFlix You can see the code at stativus-demo

Readings and Tutorials on Statecharts

Here are a list of resources for learning about state charts (Thanks: Johnny Luu):


Please read the complete API documentation at


  1. Make sure that you have UglifyJS installed
  2. Make sure that you have PreprocessorJS installed
  3. Clone the repository: git clone git://
  4. make


  • Architect: Evin Grano
  • Contributors:
    • Seth Carney :: twitter: @SethCarney :: github: @scarney81
    • Mike Atkins :: github: @apechimp
  • Beta Tester: Johnny Luu


Stativus is under the MIT license that can be read in license.js Just remember who brought this to you.

TypeScript declaration file

There is a TypeScript declartion file (stativus.d.ts) available for TypeScript users.

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