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A Ruby Script that allows a git repository to convert its changes to an independent Subversion repository
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=== Welcome to the Git2svn Conversion Tool:

The purpose of this tool is to slave a user defined SVN repository to a git repository so that one can track changes in a SVN repository.  This is different from git-svn because that allows you to generate a GIT repository from an svn repository.

Git2svn allows you to start with a Git repository and then later link it to a independent subversion repository and have it track the changes.  For this version, you need to have an subversion repository already created in an independent directory

This is an early version so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that we want it to have. The current use is:

1.  Change the SVN_ROOT to the full path to the subversion repository that you have created
2.  Change the GIT_ROOT to the full path of the git repository that you want to map to the SVN repository
3.  Change\Add to the SVN_DIR_EXCLUDE with comma separated list of directories that you want git2svn to ignore in svn
    Default: ".svn"
4.  Change\Add to the GIT_DIR_EXCLUDE with comma separated list of directories that you want git2svn to ignore in git
    Default: ".git, public, log"
5.  Run the script with 'ruby git2svn.rb'

  - This is a READ ONLY slave.  Any independent changes to the svn repository will be over written by the tool.
  - Add a configuration file to save the state of the script
  - Add the ability to do a fresh pull of the svn or create a new svn repository to a local temp directory
  - Add commandline action to do stuff
  - Add the ability to pull the latest commit message from git to make it the message for the svn commit
Git2svn is under the MIT license
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