WebKit fork with the EventRacer instrumentation for race detection.
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EventRacer WebKit-based browser

WebKit fork with the EventRacer instrumentation for race detection.

This tool has been tested with Ubuntu linux only using the Qt port of it. Most of the instrumentation must be portable for other targers, but auto-exploration depends on Qt.

Compiling (tested on 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04)

The compilation instructions are standard for QtWebKit (when qt4 is used):

Download prerequsities:

sudo apt-get install bison flex libqt4-dev libqt4-opengl-dev libphonon-dev libicu-dev libsqlite3-dev libxext-dev \
                     libxrender-dev gperf libfontconfig1-dev libphonon-dev libpng12-dev libjpeg62-dev g++

Set environment variables and compile:

export QTDIR=/usr/share/qt4
export PATH=$QTDIR/bin:$PATH
cd webkit
Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --no-netscape-plugin --qt --makeargs="-j8"

This should complete the building of WebKit.

Troubleshooting Compilation

Use the steps below only if your linux distro does not have a libqt4-dev package. Then, you need to download and install Qt from source.

  • Download Qt4.8.1 source from here: http://download.qt-project.org/archive/qt/4.8/4.8.1/
    • You need a file called: qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.1.tar.gz (.zip is also fine)
  • Only source packages can be downloaded nowadays. The instructions are in doc/html/installation.html
    • Run export MAKE=/usr/bin/make && ./configure -prefix /home/$USER/Qt4.8.1 && make && make install
  • Then, before compiling WebKit, set export QTDIR=/home/$USER/Qt4.8.1
  • Compile WebKit with Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --no-netscape-plugin --qt --makeargs="-j8"
  • Alternatively, one can use the standard instructions for compiling QtWebKit at http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/BuildingQtOnLinux and compile with different setting.

Running WebKit

To run the browser, call:

  • ./run_browser.sh

The browser produces a file called ER_actionlog. This file contains a trace of the releveant events. This file passed to EventRacer for race analysis.

The race analyzer is available here: https://github.com/eth-srl/EventRacer

Running WebKit in auto-exploration mode

We added code to QtTestBrowser to automatically explore a website once it is loaded. To use this feature, type:

After auto-exploration, the ER_actionlog file is produced. This file is then passed to EventRacer race analyzer.

The race analyzer is available here: https://github.com/eth-srl/EventRacer

Compiling other targets

With the exception of the auto-exploration, the instrumentation is entirely in WebCore, Web Template Foundation, and the JavaScriptCore interpreter (the JIT or V8 is not supported). However, other targets are not tested. We would be glad to hear your experience if you want to use some other port.


This modified browser uses a fork on WebKit from 2012 (version 116000 from the WebKit svn) (newer versions do not include the classic interpreter and are not compatible, newer versions may also require qt5).