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Cloud storage using XtreemFS, used for Fogmail and other related projects
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Community decentralized storage at hand.

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Security, decentralization, open source

Fogstore wants to provide an easy way to deploy xtreemfs filesystem, with strong SSL configuration and access controls.


XtreemFS is a general purpose storage system and covers most storage needs in a single deployment. It is open-source, requires no special hardware or kernel modules, and can be mounted on Linux, Windows and OS X.

XtreemFS is easy to setup and administer, and requires you to maintain fewer storage systems.

More information

Why such a project?

Currently, if we want some storage, either we buy hard drives (and related things like a new computer, NAS and so on), or we buy storage provided by a service such as Google Drive, DropBox.

With Fogstore, you buy storage and are allowed to create a grid. With your own storage, or gathering with friends in order to get a more scalable, reliable and fault-tolerant system.

You said "easy"…?

This repository provides a puppet module. Basically, it's a wrapper for the following "main" modules:

Fogstore just provides helpers in order to access those modules and ensure you can use them in a convenient way. You might as well take those modules and create your own bunch of wrappers — there is almost no intelligence in Fogstore.

We will also provide some scripts allowing you to deploy a new OSD (storage) in a few minutes. This part will be the most important of the whole project, as this will allow anyone you want to join your own grid.

Please check the website for more information.


This module relies on some third-party modules, you have the list above.

Puppet examples will come shortly.

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