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  • make Rakefile ruby backwards compatible with 1.9.3 (Ubuntu default)
  • nmap
  • phantomjs
  • vlc
  • configure global gemsets
  • use apt to install dropbox and chrome
  • fix postgres task
  • use dynamic value for latest nvm
  • use dynamic value for latest redis
  • Configure Gnome Terminal theme:
  • Stack
  • boot install script is 404-ing
  • add yes prefix to necessary tasks
  • add thinkpad brightness key fix -
  • introduce xorg.conf (now required for brightness key fix)
  • use ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml for lubuntu keybindings path
  • download and configure shell completions (tmuxinator, docker, etc.)
  • configure update-alternatives to use firefox for default web browsers
  • set vim as default text editor ($EDITOR and update-alternatives)
  • alphabetize/sensibly group tasks
  • add descriptions to tasks
  • android studio
  • stack install ghc-mod
  • stack install ghci
  • stack install shelly
  • introduce .irbrc
  • add macchanger entry
  • add astyle entry
  • fastboot && adb
  • link scripts to directory on path
  • vim-gui-common -- for easy clipboard access
  • dirmngr
  • pyenv
  • slock
  • ubuntu fonts
  • libnotify-bin
  • ranger
  • nmap
  • use debian stack package
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