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This repository contains scripts useful for querying and obtaining data from the Amazon Web Services NEXRAD archive.

The example() script contains an example sequence to use all of the functions.


get_filenames(year, month, day, hour, location)

This function queries AWS for NEXRAD data on a given hour and date for a certain NEXRAD location identifier (starts with a K). Note that each input must be a string and zero-padded where appropriate. For example, 02 UTC on March 1st, 2012 for KMAF would be called as get_filenames('2012','03','01','02','KMAF').

The output is the returned XML body from the AWS query.


This function takes the returned XML from get_filenames and extracts all of the file names.

The output is a list of full file names on AWS for the given date, hour, and location.

get_files(filelist, save_path='')

This function downloads files supplied in a filelist list. An optional save_path will specify the path where files should be saved; by default, files will be downloaded into the current working directory.

The output is a list of files saved with their local paths.