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YOLOdice bet validator

YOLOdice is a simple online Bitcoin game you can play against the house. In heart of it lies a pseudorandom number generator that returns bet results used to determine if bets placed by players win or lose. Players can independently verify if the bets are "fair".

This Ruby utility let's you validate the following:

  • if the seed hash matches the seed,
  • if your bets on YOLOdice have been generated according to the Provably fair algorithm,
  • if the profit for each bet has been calculated properly.

For more information about the algorithms used in YOLOdice, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


The validator does not depend on any gems. It's only necessare to get the validator's code to use it. Alternatively you can install it as a gem. It will then install it's own executable, yolodice-validator in the system.

Using a gem from RubyGems

gem install yolodice-validator

By cloning the git repo

git clone

This will clone the whole repo.

Download the ZIP archive and unpack it

Github provides a ZIP archive of the most current revision of the code. Find it here:


If you installed the utility as a gem in order to run the code simply type:

yolodice_validator DUMP_FILE

If you cloned the git repo or downloaded the source, try this:

ruby lib/yolodice-validator.rb DUMP_FILE

You can get the DUMP_FILE by visiting your YOLOdice account and entering the Seeds panel. Then click on any archived seed, a pop-up will appear. Click "Verify bets" button and download the generated dump. That's the file you need.

Example usage:

$ yolodice_validator ~/Downloads/seed_dump_2.csv
Seed seems OK, validating individual bets
All bets verified OK

Example check of a seed that contains invalid data:

$ yolodice_validator ~/Downloads/seed_dump_2.csv
MISMATCH: secret_hashed_hex, in file: e93e86fd421942a319403738e7dcdbe1f1bf3371ae43d26ff6768d97c2c948d0, calculated: e93e86fd421942a319409738e7dcdbe1f1bf3371ae43d26ff6768d97c2c948d0
Seed data is not valid, checking bets anyway.
MISMATCH: bet 6 result, in file: 723763, calculated: 729763
MISMATCH: bet 7 result, in file: 899308, calculated: 499308
MISMATCH: bet 7 profit, in file: 2, calculated: 0
4 errors found.


A simple Ruby-based validator that checks seed data (including bets) downloaded in CSV format.




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