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A small SPA library to allow multiple logical pages on one HTML page.
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Pager 2

Pager 2 is a simple SPA library. It allows pagination without a server round-trip.


There is an example in the folder aptly named example. It is hosted here.


Pager revolves around a single function, Pager. It has some properties, and can be called.

Pager(pageName, [option]): Load the page named pageName using the option option. Currently, the only option is hashTrumpsName, which means that, if the url ends in #something, it will attempt to load the page "something"; otherwise, it'll load the page pageName.

Pager.cfg: The object containing all of Pager's configuration.

Pager.cfg.ignorePopState: Ignore popstate events. When you click your back button and Pager handles it, instead of making a server round-trip, it navigates to the previous page, because it's got a popstate handler. For more info, just look at the MDN docs. It's when a pushState state gets popped off of the stack. Setting this to false will disable Pager functionality associated with pushState.

Pager.initialized: The complement of the dirty bit on Pager's page cache. In other words, if Pager.initialized is false when Pager gets called, Pager will regenerate the page cache, and then flip Pager.initialized.

Pager.regenerateCache(): Set Pager.initialized to false.

Functionality with pushState works exactly as you'd exepct:

  • When you navigate to a new page, it pushes a state.
  • When you pop a state, it goes back to the page that is represented by the state that's bubbled up to the top.
  • On your first call to Pager, you can pass hashTrumpsName as your option, so that, if you already have #something at the end of the URL, Pager will load that instead of the page you provide. This is useful for, for example, reloads, and making your pages bookmarkable.


Clone the repo, load tests/index.html.

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