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Releases: ethanchewy/PythonBuddy

Update Python 3 Packages for Windows and Linux Compatability

29 Oct 05:37
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In this release, we updated the packages that Python Buddy relies on. Before, there were bugs with those packages but they have now been fixed so these changes will now fix all Windows compatibility issues and update us to Python 3.7+.

Fix Error Messages Not Disappearing

29 Oct 06:11
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In this version, the code is cleaned up and error messages disappear as intended.

Fix AJAX Calls

15 Oct 05:14
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Fix run AJAX call to POST correctly

Refactors to Python 3, Improves Efficiency, and Redesigns Code

08 Aug 14:46
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The following release implements the following:

  • multiprocessing to handle multiple errors
  • verbose null checks
  • fix various bugs in cm-validator.js and javascript.js that prevented some errors and warnings from being presented
  • leverage sessions to handle multiple users at scale
  • redesign code to make more readable/cleaner
  • Update pylint and error messages related to pylint for more info (from pylint --list-msgs)
  • Process pylint messages on server side now.

Original Implementation using Python 2

02 Aug 03:38
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