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Mediasoup 3 iOS Client
Objective-C Objective-C++ Ruby CMake
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Objective-C wrapper library for libmediasoupclient for building mediasoup iOS based applications.

This project supports both 64 bit iOS devices and 64 bit iOS Simulators

Website and Documentation

Support Forum

Getting Started

Download the required frameworks

Extract the frameworks and place them in your projects [Frameworks] folder. You may need to configure your projects search paths

Swift users will need to implement a Objective-C Bridging Header


(Coming Soon)

Usage Example

#import "mediasoup_client_ios/Mediasoupclient.h

// Initialize the underlaying libmediasoupclient
[Mediasoupclient initializePC];

// Create a Device
Device *device = [[Device alloc] init];

// Communicate with our server app to retrieve router RTP capabilities
NSString *routerRtpCapabilities = [mySignalling request:@"getRouterRtpCapabilities"];

// Load the device with the routerRtpCapabilities
[device load:routerRtpCapabilities];

// Check whether we can produce video to the router
if ![device canProduce:@"video"] {
 NSLog(@"cannot produce video");
 // Abort next steps

// Create a transport in the server for sending our media through it
NSDictionary *transportData = [mySignalling request:@"createTransport"];

// Object to handle SendTransportListener events
@interface SendTransportHandler: NSObject<SendTransportListener>
@property (nonatomic) id delegate;

@implementation SendTransportHandler
-(void)onConnect:(Transport *)transport dtlsParameters:(NSString *)dtlsParameters {
 // Here we communicate out local parameters to our remote transport
 [mySignalling request:@"transport-connect" transportId:[transport getId] dtlsParameters:dtlsParameters];

-(void)onConnectionStateChange:(Transport *)transport connectionState:(NSString *)connectionState {
 NSLog(@"sendTransport::onConnectionStateChange newState = %@", connectionState);

-(NSString *)onProduce:(Transport *)transport kind:(NSString *)kind rtpParameters:(NSString *)rtpParameters appData:(NSString *)appData {
 // Here we must communicate our local parameters to our remote transport
 NSString *id = [mySignalling request:@"produce" transportId:[transport getId] kind:kind rtpParameters:rtpParameters appData:appData];
 return id;

SendTransport *sendTransport = [device createSendTransport:sendTransportHandler.delegate id:transportData["id"] iceParameters:transportData["iceParameters"] iceCandidates:transportData["iceCandidates"] dtlsParameters:transportData["dtlsParameters"]];

// Get the device camera
NSArray *devices = [AVCaptureDevice devicesWithMediaType: AVMediaTypeVideo];

// Start capturing it
RTCPeerConnectionFactory *factory = [[RTCPeerConnectionFactory alloc] init];
RTCCameraVideoCapturer *videoCapturer = [[RTCCameraVideoCapturer alloc] init];
[videoCapturer startCaptureWithDevice:devices[0] format:[devices[0] activeFormat] fps:30];
RTCVideoSource *videoSource = [factory videoSource];
[videoSource adaptOutputFormatToWidth:640 height:480 fps:30];

RTCVideoTrack *videoTrack = [factory videoTrackWithSource:videoSource trackId:@"trackId"];

// Handler to handle producer events
@interface ProducerHandler : NSObject<ProducerListener>
@property (nonatomic) id delegate;

@implementation ProducerHandler
-(void)onTransportClose:(Producer *)producer {

// Produce out camera video
Producer *videoProducer = [sendTransport produce:producerHandler.delegate track:videoTrack encodings:nil codecOptions:nil];


Clone the repo and install submodules

git clone
submodule init
submodule update

Get the libraries

Due to the libwebrtc.a library being to big to upload to github, you will need to either:

  • Follow the instructions located in the build directory
  • Download the compiled libraries from an external provider

Previously built libraries can be found below:

The default library paths are as follows: (if you change the directory of the libraries make sure to update the relevant search paths):

  • libmediasoupclient.a/libsdptransform.a - dependencies/libmediasoupclient/lib
  • libwebrtc.a - dependencies/webrtc/src/out_ios_libs/universal
  • WebRTC.framework - dependencies/webrtc/src/out_ios_libs/
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