PHP client library for RediSearch.
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ethanhann Various changes and fixes...
* Move RediSearch exceptions into lib from redis-raw
* In numeric filter, set max to +inf when it is null
* When constructing search query, properly quote the query and filters.
Latest commit 4f378cb Dec 9, 2018

RediSearch PHP Client

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What is this?

RediSearch-PHP is a PHP client library for the RediSearch module which adds Full-Text search to Redis.

See the documentation for more information.


Contributions are welcome. Before submitting a PR for review, please run ./vendor/bin/robo build to ensure your contribution conforms to the project's code style, and that all tests in the test suite pass.

Do not run tests on a prod system (of course), or any system that has a Redis instance with data you care about - Redis is flushed between tests.

Laravel Support

Laravel-RediSearch - Exposes RediSearch-PHP to Laravel as a Scout driver.