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Knil πŸ”—

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Knil made Universal Links testing easier. It fetches and parses apple-app-site-association file for you to quickly check whether Universal Links are working.


Add websites, download related apps, test Universal Links, and customize test links.

Demo of user add IMDb to Knil and test its Universal Links.


πŸ˜‡ Open source iOS project written in Swift 4
πŸ“² Fetch and parse apple-app-site-association(AASA) files
πŸ’‘ App Store links and metadata
πŸš€ List all Universal Link paths. One-tap to test!
πŸ› οΈ Customize test links
🀝 Link to other validation tools like Branch.io's AASA Validator or Apple's App Search API Validation Tool
πŸ†“ Free without ads
🚫 No third-party tracking or analytics


"knil" == "link".reversed()


Download the official release version from App Store.

Or, you can install this open source app with the following steps:

  1. Clone the repo on GitHub
  2. Open the project with Xcode 9 or above
  3. Change bundle ID to something like com.yourcompany.Knil
  4. Build and run on your iOS devices


  • Feedback and issues are welcome.