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Ladybug 🐞

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Ladybug is a simple iOS app handles Radar links (rdar://) gracefully.

Developers have mixed feeling about radars. Some of radars never get close or response. Ladybug doesn't try to “fix” this situation, but it helps you to manage radar links or retrieve your records from Open Radar. If you want to file a radar while cross-posting to Open Radar, consider using Brisk.


This is how you duplicate a radar in 2018. Open a rdar:// link, then duplicate it in Brisk!

Demo of user tapped a radar link in Tweetbot and opened Ladybug to view Open Radar, then open Brisk for filing a duplicated radar.


😇 Open source iOS project written in Swift 4
😎 Opens a radar link from other app, clipboard, or manually input
💪 Redirects to Open Radar, Apple Radar (Bug Reporter) or Brisk app
💡 Support multiple formats of radar links
👁 Safari Reader mode for Open Radar
👀 3D Touch Peek & Pop
🕑 History
📖 Bookmarks
📲 Retrieve radar data from Open Radar
Import your radars from Open Radar
Export radars as JSON
🆓 Free without ads
🚫 No third-party tracking or analytics


Download the official release version from App Store.

Or, you can install this open source app with the following steps:

  1. Clone the repo on GitHub
  2. Open the project with Xcode 9 or above
  3. Change bundle ID to something like com.yourcompany.Ladybug
  4. Build and Run on your iOS devices


  • Feedback and issues are welcome


As an iOS developer, I follow a lot of developers on Twitter. It's painful every time I saw a rdar:// link in Tweetbot but cannot tap it to open. Therefore I created Ladybug, a solution for iOS to open or bookmark Radar links.

I use a lot of tools made by other developers. And I always want to contribute something to the community. With Ladybug I finally found something: 1. I need. 2. others might need too. 3. I can do. Consider Ladybug my love letter to Apple dev community 😍. Enjoy!