This server provides a service to merge scenes from multiple depth sensors into a unified viewport
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Minority Viewport

1. Overview

This is an API server that functions has an abstraction layer for an arbitary set of depth sensors, irregardless of sensor vendors. In addition, there is a web management console in HTTP/Javascript to manage the list of API.


Fig 1.1 Web Management Console - Viewing

2. System Requirements

Minimum :
2 Depth Sensors - Vendor Independent
Minority Viewport Depth Sensors Client
Windows 7/Linux OS

3. Setup

3.1 Production Environment

  1. Calibrate all the depth sensors
    1.1 Navigate to http://LOCALHOST_URL/calibration.html
    1.2 Select the depth sensor to calibrate
    1.3 Choose lock and once skeleton pairs have been obtained, click calibrate

    Calibration Module Fig 3.1 Web Management Console - Calibration

  2. View the Unified Viewport

  3. Viewing Fig 3.2 Web Management Console - Viewing

3.2 Development Environment

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Setup Boost and OpenCV
  3. Add into compile include dependencies C:\opencv\build\include;C:\Boost\include\boost-1_55;
  4. Add into libraries include directories C:\opencv\build\x86\vc11\lib;C:\Boost\lib;
  5. Add into additional libraries dependencies opencv_core248d.lib;opencv_imgproc248d.lib;opencv_highgui248d.lib;opencv_ml248d.lib;opencv_video248d.lib; opencv_features2d248d.lib;opencv_calib3d248d.lib;opencv_objdetect248d.lib;opencv_contrib248d.lib; opencv_legacy248d.lib;opencv_flann248d.lib;

Authors and Contributors

Lim Zhi Hao (Ethan) (@ethanlim)


Feel free to submit a ticket here