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Collections of Charsets for is the next generation of zhim! extended for iOS8+ which supports system wide custom keyboards.

OkidoKeyCharsets is a collection of charsets for custom keyboards.

Each .charset.json must have name, charsets and an optional description properties. The name property must be unique in the whole collections. charsets can has multiple strings, each string present one row of custom keyboard, it's best to keep in 3 to 4 rows per charset.

    "name": "bpmf",
    "description": "注音鍵盤",

Each key syntax is wrapper by [] and use : as separator. For example [1:ㄅ] represent a key with character 1 and label , if the character and label is the same, you may ignore the label, i.e. [A]. The character must be 1 character only, but the label has no length limit.

A few reserved combinations represent special keys.

  • [del] — backspace key
  • [globe] — switch to system keyboard
  • [next] — switch to next charset in keyboards
  • [return] — return key
  • [shift] — shift key
  • [space] — space key
  • [dismiss] — dismiss keyboard for iPad