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About the app

Frankie/OkidoKey is an input method kit for iOS.

It includes an in-app keyboard with a plain text editor and keyboard extension for system-wide usage. And auto-copy Clipboard for typing without creating or open a document.

About this repo

This repo contains:

charset - Keyboard layouts configs of Frankie and OkidoKey
db - Pre-compiled SQLite database for Frankie and OkidoKey
lexicon - Chinese phrased or idioms in csv format
table - Input method data tables in cin format

Charset format

Each .charset.json must have name, charsets properties.

The name property must be unique in the whole collections. charsets can have multiple strings, each string presents one row of the custom keyboard, it's best to keep in 3 to 4 rows per charset.

Optional properties:

description: description for the charset
flicks: flick keys for this charset
keynameType: currently, the only accepted value is label, which means the key label can be used as keys for keyname, for example [1:abc] means when key 1 pressed, it means either a, b or c.

    "name": "bpmf",
    "description": "注音鍵盤",

Each key format is wrapping by [] and use : as the separator. For example [1:ㄅ] represent a key with character 1 and label , if the character and label are the same, you may ignore the label, i.e. [A]. The character must be 1 character only, but the label has no length limit, however, less then 3 characters are recommended.

If there is a * followed by the character, then the key will display as a function key, but it still works as a regular key.

If the keynameType is the label, and when the character should be recognized as keyname, then it must be the character, label pairs, i.e. [ˇ:ˇ] otherwise it might be recognized as a regular symbol.

Charset separates into 3 categories:

The name has -pad suffix: regular layout for iPad, without tab, capslock keys in general
The name has -fullsize suffix: full-size keyboard layout brought by iPad Pro 12.9
The name has -choco suffix: telephone keypad layout (chocolate), every key in the keyboard is the same size
The name without any suffix: regular layout for iPhone

Reserved keys

A few reserved combinations represent special keys.

  • [capslock] — caps lock key
  • [del] — backspace key
  • [dismiss] — dismiss keyboard for iPad
  • [dummy] — Spacing between keys, [dummy] or [dummy:1] for one key width, [dummy:2] for half key width, only 1 or 2 is valid.
  • [esc] - escape key
  • [globe] — switch to system keyboard
  • [next] — switch to next charset in keyboards
  • [return] — return key
  • [shift] — shift key
  • [space] — space key
  • [tab] — tab key


Just use make command, check makefile for the details


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