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Lyrics and artworks fetchers comes with a backend
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iLyricsCloud - lyrics and artworks fetcher

iLyricsCloud is a web service to find lyrics and artworks for a given song from various sites. Also come with a backend to help you manipulate the database.

iLyricsWidget - a popular dashboard widget for Mac OS X works with iLyricsCloud.


iLyricsCloud requires a web server runs PHP 5 and above, a database or sqlite is also required for storing data.


  1. Download and unzip source.
  2. Create a database on your server, skip if choose SQLite.
  3. Create a directory "cache" if not exists, and make sure the cache directory is writable.
  4. Rename or copy config.sample.php to config.php.
  5. Change DATABASE_DSN to matches your choice.
  6. Change ADMIN_USER and ADMIN_PASS to something more secure.
  7. Open ilyrics-cloud/admin/ in browser, click install database.
  8. Click Search from navigation, have a search test see if anything works.


Plugin is the fetcher for lyrics or artworks, it does access data from provider by their api if provided, or grab web page from data source then parse lyrics or artwork from it.

current available plugins:

google - Google images for artwork
jpopasia - Japanese and Korean lyrics
kkbox - Artworks
lyricscom - English lyrics
lyricswiki - English lyrics
metrolyrics - English lyrics
mojim - Chinese lyrics
utamap - Japanese lyrics
yahoojp - Japanese lyrics

Plugin Guideline

Only two function would be called from iLyrics Class, with special function name.

return lyrics as string.

return image url as string.

To active a plugin, after put the file in plugins folder, you must add the plugin to into $plugins from config.php file.


To make iLyricsCloud as a service, use q for api endpoint, i.e.


iLyricsCloud is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


All lyrics and artworks are copyright of their owners.

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