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ETHBerlin Prizes

ETHBerlin logo

Hackers, check out some of the great prizes we've put together with the help of some of the top projects in the ecosystem!

Sponsors, please double check the information below to make sure you're prepared to answer any questions hackers might have for you :)

Prize List

The current prize list can be found here. Sponsors will be adding to these up until the hackathon begins so check back for new ones!

How to win prizes for dummies

1) Make sure you're eligible to participate!

While participating at ETHBerlin is essentially as easy as contributing to an open source project, you have to be physically present and register at Factory Görlitzer Park to participate in ETHBerlin. If you have not received a message confirming that your application at was accepted please reach out to

2) Before the hackathon

2.1) Form your team

If you don't already have a team, you are welcome to create an issue in the teambuilding repository.

You can use this issue as a way to get other participants excited about your project or to brainstorm if you haven't yet defined an exact scope.

2.2) Keep calm, and don't start coding yet!

Hacking starts during the event. Teams can form and ideas can evolve before the hackathon. However, the code base, hacks, and prototypes that you create for any apps competing for prizes or bounties need to evolve only during the hackathon. Apps, hacks, and projects that were built before the event do not qualify and will be excluded from judging and any prizes.

And please don't forget to sync your Ethereum nodes ahead of the event :)

2.3) Check out the prizes available

The following will provide you with a quick overview of the different prizes that you can win as a hacker at ETHBerlin. There are four different tracks:

General Prizes - Devpost Open Track This is the main prize of ETHBerlin. There will be 10 winners. The grand bounty is of approximately 75.000 € and it’s distributed equally. You can calculate it ;)

People’s Choice Awards Previous Hackathons have showed that people’s favourite teams were not always among the actual winners. At ETHBerlin, we would like to give those projects a chance by rewarding the people’s favorite team with a community prize of 1000€. The winner will be determined from the top 5 teams through an Olympia prediction market tournament. For details go here.

The mentors will vote initially (not on Olympia) to determine the top 5 projects. The top 5 will then be determined through the Olympia prediction market by all of the community as outlined above.

Sponsor Prizes & Improvement Awards Sponsors’ Prizes Some of ETHBerlin’s sponsors have their own price awards. They can each pay out a maximum of 5000 €. These prizes will be funded and distributed via Gitcoin. Note that ETHBerlin has no influence on neither the challenge nor the judging, this is entirely up to the sponsors. You can find all the prize awards here.

Community Improvement Awards These are small prizes endowed with 1000 € each by ETHBerlin. Check them out here.

Note that you can submit your work to multiple prize awards, they are not exclusive! So for example you can submit your work to the open track bounty and a sponsor specific prize, just make sure to submit it everywhere where you want to participate.

3) At the hackathon

3.1) Register yourself

The hackathon registration is at 13:30 of the 7th. at Factory Görlitzer Park. Hackers registered for the Mitte conference can sign up later at 21:30.

3.2) Start work on the associated Gitcoin bounty (check out the issues in this repository for some of the bounties available)

Before starting work, we recommend creating a new GitHub repo for your team to make it easier for sponsors to see everyone involved in your project. Please ensure that all team members are visible pubicly to sponsors so they know who to pay the prizes to :)

Each prize is set up as a cooperative bounty on Gitcoin. This just means that any number of people can start work using the start work button on each issue's associated Gitcoin page. You can find a link to any bounty you're interested in within the GitHub issue itself, or you can check out Gitcoin's issue explorer here. Each hacker, not just one team member, should start work on the prizes their team is working towards in order to be paid out. Don't worry if you're not immediately sure which prizes are relevant to your team, you can start work on the issues relevant to your team at any time up until judging begins.

After you’ve started work, most of your interaction with the prize teams can take place on GitHub and in the associated community channel for longer conversations requiring more specific context about your project.

3.3) Buidl

Work on your project as you like, how you work is up to you! However, remember to only begin working on your project after the hackathon begins!

4) Submit your project

4.1) What to include

When you’re happy with what you’ve built you can submit it by creating a pull request for the issue the Gitcoin bounty is associated with.

What your submission should have:

  • A link to the open-source code must be provided. Please keep it accessible to everyone after the submission deadline.
  • A short presentation file must describe your project. It has to be accessible without special tools. Ideally a PDF, Google slides, or even a hosted recording if you like. The judges need to all be able to access those presentations.
  • The contract address(es) of your deployed demo must be provided, either on a testnet of your choice (Kovan, Rinkeby or Ropsten) or on Ethereum mainnet; instructions on how to interact with the contract(s) are appreciated.
  • A URL to any publicly accessible web-interfaces and demo credentials if applicable.

4.2) How to submit

  • Open track bounties Your project needs to be submitted to Devpost and you should create a pull request on the Open Track Bounty issue the Gitcoin bounty is associated. Submissions must be in before Sunday at 12pm to be eligible!
  • Sponsored bounties If you want your project considered for particular bounties (eg. Aragon, Status, The Graph, etc), you can submit your project by creating a pull request on the issue the Gitcoin bounty is associated with and submitting work by clicking submit work on the associated Gitcoin page.
  • Community Improvement Prizes You know the drill, again through the bounty issue ;)
  • People’s Choice Award Nothing required, just buidl.

You can apply to multiple prizes simultaneously, if you think your project conforms to each one's judging criteria.

You can open a PR before the submission deadline and continue to work, but all materials must be finalized and you must submit work on the relevant Gitcoin bounties before the end of the hackathon. Any commits to your project submission after the deadline will not be considered.

5) After the hackathon

5.1) Congratulate everyone on a job well-done

Whether or not you get a prize, you deserve to be proud of your work. Thanks for buidling!

5.2) Party!

We have parties planned in true Berlin spirit for us all to blow off some steam!

Judges and Scoring

Judging and scoring criteria will be coming shortly!