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The easy way to run a full Ethereum node on Raspberry Pi 4
Ethbian = Raspbian + Geth + Grafana
Lastest version: v0.6

quick start


a) download ethbian image

Already prepared sd-card image can be found here

ethbian image file sha 256 checksum
ethbian-v0.6-2020-02-16.img.gz 7f8fd9d7003cc7d80eabf95dd3a934b8be9b86df164e30652d9b196bc1d62ae9

To verify the checksum of a downloaded file:

system command
Mac shasum -a 256 filename
Linux sha256sum filename

b) or create your own image

  • download & install Raspbian Buster Lite
  • login (user: pi/pass: raspberry) and execute:

wget && bash

  • restart the box
  • login again (user: pi/pass: ethbian)
  • register (free) for a MaxMind account and obtain a license key in order to download GeoLite2 database (free)
    Visit MaxMind page to register, download the GeoLite2City db and
    save the file as /usr/local/lib/collectd/geolite_city.mmdb

first steps

default user: pi
defualt pass: ethbian

what you should know

  • swap is disabled
  • wifi is disabled
  • IPv6 is disabled
  • bluetooth is disabled
  • sound card is disabled
  • camera modules are disabled
  • unnecessary services are disabled

network configuration

You can use a simple script to configure network.
You can also use standard raspi-config tool to do the same.
Remember that wifi is disabled - use wired connection instead:
lower latency, reliable connection, speed.

SSD disk configuration

You can use the script to initialize a new disk drive
or remount your partition after upgrading Ethbian.
If you prefer to do this manually - SSD should be mounted to the /mnt/ssd directory
with datadir subdirectory created within (user eth should be the owner).

switching to 64bit kernel

Because of memory allocation problem with the latest Raspbian and RPi4
you should switch to 64bit kernel - by executing the script.
If you don't - when fully synced, geth will crash every couple of minutes/hours
causing your Pi to hang eventually.

geth upgrade

The " -u" will upgrade your geth to the latest version.

system/geth monitoring

Ethbian monitoring:

  • collectd (collects system/geth data)
  • script (geolocation, eth's crontab)
  • script (eth price, eth's crontab)
  • influx database (data storage)
  • grafana (data visualization)

Use the command do disable/enable these services
or check their status.

geth & RPi stats dashboard

When monitoring services are running you can monitor RPi temperature, system load
and memory usage and some basic geth stats with a web browser:
Grafana is running on port 3000 with default user admin and password admin.
Just launch Firefox/Chrome/Safari and enter the following URL:
http://pi's_IP_address:3000, eg.

start geth

With network configured and disk mounted you are ready to go.
sudo systemctl start geth will start geth.
sudo systemctl enable geth will make it start automatically on boot.


/lib/systemd/system/geth.service :geth settings
/usr/local/bin/geth/geth :geth binary.
/usr/local/sbin :admin scripts

temp :shows CPU temperature
gat :attach to geth console
gsync :shows geth synchronization progress
/var/log/geth.log :geth logs

For more details visit