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The world's first crypto-collectible card with direct ethereum compensation.
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The world's first crypto-collectible card with direct ethereum compensation.

About Ether-arts

The Ether-arts is a collectible art card with a built-in lottery ticket function. The Smart contract accumulates 50% of total card sales to create a pool of rewards, and choose two new winner card types every 10 days. If there are lots of winners, they share the reward pool using predefined rules. If there's no winner, the reward pool is accumulated into the next lottery's reward. The prize reward is paid as a form of ethereum, and all the cards are reusable. Both winning and losing cards are never discarded nor functionally limited. All card types can be published up to maximum supply of pre-determined quantity by color attribute. Therefore, if you have a more rare type of card, you will receive a larger winning reward because there will be fewer winners. Ether-arts card complies with the ERC721 standard on ethereum, so it can be bought / transferred / sold between users. We already integrated user-to-user market inside our website. If certain card type is sold out, user-to-user market mode is enabled. Card owner can suggest bid price at the [MY COLLECTION] menu.

We are currently on the Rinkeby test network, so this bountry hunt will take place within the Rinkeby network.


  • Dates : ~ 11:59pm GMT, 12 APR, 2019
  • Network : Rinkeby test network
  • Please help us identify any bug, vulnerability or malfunction in the smart contract such as:
    • Buying, transferring ether-arts card
    • Allowing unpermitted behavior
    • Stealing another user's card
    • Controlling another user's card
    • Exercising admin privileges
    • malfunction while reward claiming
    • malfunction while special card claiming
    • malfunction while user market transaction
    • Any other vulnerability

Rules for Eligibility

  • The submitted issue must not be a known issue of the Ether-arts team.
  • The submitted issue must only concern the smart contract itself, and not involve any third party applications. The website is not part of the bounty program, although we appreciate you sharing!
  • We will evaluate each submitted issue and rank hunters accordingly.
  • The issue must be submitted via this repo. In return for your compliance, we promise that
  • any person closely associated with our team will not be eligible for rewards
  • respond as soon as possible to each submission, and inform you its eligibility
  • announce if there is any update to the code while the test is being conducted.

A Sample Submission Form

  • What: A brief description
  • When: When does this issue happen?
  • Impact: How does this affect the gameplay or the user?
  • How to reproduce: Details on how to reproduce this issue, including hash/tx info
  • Suggestion: Brownie points those who suggest how to fix this issue!
  • Note: Any other info we should be aware about this issue
  • Address: user's metamask account to receive bounty card


  • Depending on the severity of the reported issue, OLIVE (0.4 ETH) to BROWN (5.0 ETH) cards will be assigned to the top 10 bug reporters.
  • Green (0.25 ETH) card to every participant who submitted an eligible issue
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