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1.9.0 (not yet released)

Notable enhancements and fixes

  • Windows build:
    • The bundled node.exe was upgraded from v12 to v16.
    • The bundled node.exe is now a 64-bit executable. If you need the 32-bit version you must download and install Node.js yourself.
  • Improvements to login session management:
    • express_sid cookies and sessionstorage:* database records are no longer created unless requireAuthentication is true (or a plugin causes them to be created).
    • Login sessions now have a finite lifetime by default (10 days after leaving).
    • sessionstorage:* database records are automatically deleted when the login session expires (with some exceptions that will be fixed in the future).
    • Requests for static content (e.g., /robots.txt) and special pages (e.g., the HTTP API, /stats) no longer create login session state.
  • The following settings from settings.json are now applied as expected (they were unintentionally ignored before):
    • padOptions.lang
    • padOptions.showChat
    • padOptions.userColor
    • padOptions.userName
    • Fixed the return value of getText when called with a specific revision.
    • Fixed a potential attribute pool corruption bug with copyPadWithoutHistory.
    • Mappings created by createGroupIfNotExistsFor are now removed from the database when the group is deleted.
    • Fixed race conditions in the setText, appendText, and restoreRevision functions.
    • Added an optional authorId parameter to appendText, copyPadWithoutHistory, createGroupPad, createPad, restoreRevision, setHTML, and setText, and bumped the latest API version to 1.3.0.
  • Fixed a crash if the database is busy enough to cause a query timeout.
  • New /health endpoint for getting information about Etherpad's health (see draft-inadarei-api-health-check-06).
  • Docker now uses the new /health endpoint for health checks, which avoids issues when authentication is enabled. It also avoids the unnecessary creation of database records for managing browser sessions.
  • When copying a pad, the pad's records are copied in batches to avoid database timeouts with large pads.
  • Exporting a large pad to .etherpad format should be faster thanks to bulk database record fetches.
  • When importing an .etherpad file, records are now saved to the database in batches to avoid database timeouts with large pads.

For plugin authors

  • New expressPreSession server-side hook.
  • Pad server-side hook changes:
    • padCheck: New hook.
    • padCopy: New srcPad and dstPad context properties.
    • padDefaultContent: New hook.
    • padRemove: New pad context property.
  • The db property on Pad objects is now public.
  • New getAuthorId server-side hook.
  • New APIs for processing attributes: ep_etherpad-lite/static/js/attributes (low-level API) and ep_etherpad-lite/static/js/AttributeMap (high-level API).
  • The import server-side hook has a new ImportError context property.
  • New exportEtherpad and importEtherpad server-side hooks.
  • The handleMessageSecurity and handleMessage server-side hooks have a new sessionInfo context property that includes the user's author ID, the pad ID, and whether the user only has read-only access.
  • The handleMessageSecurity server-side hook can now be used to grant write access for the current message only.
  • The init_<pluginName> server-side hooks have a new logger context property that plugins can use to log messages.

Compatibility changes

  • Node.js v12.17.0 or later is now required.
  • The default login session expiration (applicable if requireAuthentication is true) changed from never to 10 days after the user leaves.

For plugin authors

  • The client context property for the handleMessageSecurity and handleMessage server-side hooks is deprecated; use the socket context property instead.
  • Pad server-side hook changes:
    • padCopy:
      • The originalPad context property is deprecated; use srcPad instead.
      • The destinationID context property is deprecated; use instead.
    • padCreate: The author context property is deprecated; use the new authorId context property instead. Also, the hook now runs asynchronously.
    • padLoad: Now runs when a temporary Pad object is created during import. Also, it now runs asynchronously.
    • padRemove: The padID context property is deprecated; use instead.
    • padUpdate: The author context property is deprecated; use the new authorId context property instead. Also, the hook now runs asynchronously.
  • Returning true from a handleMessageSecurity hook function is deprecated; return 'permitOnce' instead.
  • Changes to the src/static/js/Changeset.js library:
    • The following attribute processing functions are deprecated (use the new attribute APIs instead):
      • attribsAttributeValue()
      • eachAttribNumber()
      • makeAttribsString()
      • opAttributeValue()
    • opIterator(): Deprecated in favor of the new deserializeOps() generator function.
    • appendATextToAssembler(): Deprecated in favor of the new opsFromAText() generator function.
    • newOp(): Deprecated in favor of the new Op class.
  • The AuthorManager.getAuthor4Token() function is deprecated; use the new AuthorManager.getAuthorId() function instead.
  • The exported database records covered by the exportEtherpadAdditionalContent server-side hook now include keys like ${customPrefix}:${padId}:*, not just ${customPrefix}:${padId}.


Released: 2022-05-05

Notable enhancements and fixes

  • Upgraded ueberDB to fix a regression with CouchDB.


Released: 2022-02-23

Security fixes

  • Fixed a vunlerability in the CHANGESET_REQ message handler that allowed a user with any access to read any pad if the pad ID is known.

Notable enhancements and fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused all pad edit messages received at the server to go through a single queue. Now there is a separate queue per pad as intended, which should reduce message processing latency when many pads are active at the same time.


Security fixes

If you cannot upgrade to v1.8.16 for some reason, you are encouraged to try cherry-picking the fixes to the version you are running:

git cherry-pick b7065eb9a0ec..77bcb507b30e
  • Maliciously crafted .etherpad files can no longer overwrite arbitrary non-pad database records when imported.
  • Imported .etherpad files are now subject to numerous consistency checks before any records are written to the database. This should help avoid denial-of-service attacks via imports of malformed .etherpad files.

Notable enhancements and fixes

  • Fixed several .etherpad import bugs.
  • Improved support for large .etherpad imports.


Security fixes

  • Fixed leak of the writable pad ID when exporting from the pad's read-only ID. This only matters if you treat the writeable pad IDs as secret (e.g., you are not using ep_padlist2) and you share the pad's read-only ID with untrusted users. Instead of treating writeable pad IDs as secret, you are encouraged to take advantage of Etherpad's authentication and authorization mechanisms (e.g., use ep_openid_connect with ep_readonly_guest, or write your own authentication and authorization plugins).
  • Updated dependencies.

Compatibility changes

  • The logconfig setting is deprecated.

For plugin authors

  • Etherpad now uses jsdom instead of cheerio for processing HTML imports. There are two consequences of this change:
    • require('ep_etherpad-lite/node_modules/cheerio') no longer works. To fix, your plugin should directly depend on cheerio and do require('cheerio').
    • The collectContentImage hook's node context property is now an HTMLImageElement object rather than a Cheerio Node-like object, so the API is slightly different. See citizenos/ep_image_upload#49 for an example fix.
  • The clientReady server-side hook is deprecated; use the new userJoin hook instead.
  • The init_<pluginName> server-side hooks are now run every time Etherpad starts up, not just the first time after the named plugin is installed.
  • The userLeave server-side hook's context properties have changed:
    • auth: Deprecated.
    • author: Deprecated; use the new authorId property instead.
    • readonly: Deprecated; use the new readOnly property instead.
    • rev: Deprecated.
  • Changes to the src/static/js/Changeset.js library:
    • opIterator(): The unused start index parameter has been removed, as has the unused lastIndex() method on the returned object.
    • smartOpAssembler(): The returned object's appendOpWithText() method is deprecated without a replacement available to plugins (if you need one, let us know and we can make the private opsFromText() function public).
    • Several functions that should have never been public are no longer exported: applyZip(), assert(), clearOp(), cloneOp(), copyOp(), error(), followAttributes(), opString(), stringOp(), textLinesMutator(), toBaseTen(), toSplices().

Notable enhancements and fixes

  • Accessibility fix for JAWS screen readers.
  • Fixed "clear authorship" error (see issue #5128).
  • Etherpad now considers square brackets to be valid URL characters.
  • The server no longer crashes if an exception is thrown while processing a message from a client.
  • The useMonospaceFontGlobal setting now works (thanks @Lastpixl!).
  • Chat improvements:
    • The message input field is now a text area, allowing multi-line messages (use shift-enter to insert a newline).
    • Whitespace in chat messages is now preserved.
  • Docker improvements:
    • New HEALTHCHECK instruction (thanks @Gared!).
    • New settings.json variables: DB_COLLECTION, DB_URL, SOCKETIO_MAX_HTTP_BUFFER_SIZE, DUMP_ON_UNCLEAN_EXIT (thanks @JustAnotherArchivist!).
    • .ep_initialized files are no longer created.
  • Worked around a Firefox Content Security Policy bug that caused CSP failures when 'self' was in the CSP header. See issue #4975 for details.
  • UeberDB upgraded from v1.4.10 to v1.4.18. For details, see the ueberDB changelog. Highlights:
    • The postgrespool driver was renamed to postgres, replacing the old driver of that name. If you used the old postgres driver, you may see an increase in the number of database connections.
    • For postgres, you can now set the dbSettings value in settings.json to a connection string (e.g., "postgres://user:password@host/dbname") instead of an object.
    • For mongodb, the dbName setting was renamed to database (but dbName still works for backwards compatibility) and is now optional (if unset, the database name in url is used).
  • /admin/settings now honors the --settings command-line argument.
  • Fixed "Author X tried to submit changes as author Y" detection.
  • Error message display improvements.
  • Simplified pad reload after importing an .etherpad file.

For plugin authors

  • clientVars was added to the context for the postAceInit client-side hook. Plugins should use this instead of the clientVars global variable.
  • New userJoin server-side hook.
  • The userLeave server-side hook has a new socket context property.
  • The helper.aNewPad() function (accessible to client-side tests) now accepts hook functions to inject when opening a pad. This can be used to test any new client-side hooks your plugin provides.
  • Chat improvements:
    • The chatNewMessage client-side hook context has new properties:
      • message: Provides access to the raw message object so that plugins can see the original unprocessed message text and any added metadata.
      • rendered: Allows plugins to completely override how the message is rendered in the UI.
    • New chatSendMessage client-side hook that enables plugins to process the text before sending it to the server or augment the message object with custom metadata.
    • New chatNewMessage server-side hook to process new chat messages before they are saved to the database and relayed to users.
  • Readability improvements to browser-side error stack traces.
  • Added support for message acknowledgments.


Security fixes

  • Fixed a persistent XSS vulnerability in the Chat component. In case you can't update to 1.8.14 directly, we strongly recommend to cherry-pick a7968115581e20ef47a533e030f59f830486bdfa. Thanks to sonarsource for the professional disclosure.

Compatibility changes

  • Node.js v12.13.0 or later is now required.
  • The favicon setting is now interpreted as a pathname to a favicon file, not a URL. Please see the documentation comment in settings.json.template.
  • The undocumented faviconPad and faviconTimeslider settings have been removed.
  • MySQL/MariaDB now uses connection pooling, which means you will see up to 10 connections to the MySQL/MariaDB server (by default) instead of 1. This might cause Etherpad to crash with a "ER_CON_COUNT_ERROR: Too many connections" error if your server is configured with a low connection limit.
  • Changes to environment variable substitution in settings.json (see the documentation comments in settings.json.template for details):
    • An environment variable set to the string "null" now becomes null instead of the string "null". Similarly, if the environment variable is unset and the default value is "null" (e.g., "${UNSET_VAR:null}"), the value now becomes null instead of the string "null". It is no longer possible to produce the string "null" via environment variable substitution.
    • An environment variable set to the string "undefined" now causes the setting to be removed instead of set to the string "undefined". Similarly, if the environment variable is unset and the default value is "undefined" (e.g., "${UNSET_VAR:undefined}"), the setting is now removed instead of set to the string "undefined". It is no longer possible to produce the string "undefined" via environment variable substitution.
    • Support for unset variables without a default value is now deprecated. Please change all instances of "${FOO}" in your settings.json to ${FOO:null} to keep the current behavior.
    • The DB_* variable substitutions in settings.json.docker that previously defaulted to null now default to "undefined".
  • Calling next without argument when using Changeset.opIterator does always return a new Op. See b9753dcc7156d8471a5aa5b6c9b85af47f630aa8 for details.

Notable enhancements and fixes

  • MySQL/MariaDB now uses connection pooling, which should improve stability and reduce latency.
  • Bulk database writes are now retried individually on write failure.
  • Minify: Avoid crash due to unhandled Promise rejection if stat fails.
  • padIds are now included in / query string, e.g. This is useful for directing pads to separate nodes.
  • <script> elements added via aceInitInnerdocbodyHead hook are now executed.
  • Fix read only pad access with authentication.
  • Await more db writes.
  • Disabled wtfnode dump by default.
  • Send USER_NEWINFO messages on reconnect.
  • Fixed loading in a hidden iframe.
  • Fixed a race condition with composition. (Thanks @ingoncalves for an exceptionally detailed analysis and @rhansen for the fix.)


Notable fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the script (#4935)
  • Add more endpoints that do not need authentication/authorization (#4921)
  • Fixed issue with non-opening device keyboard on smartphones (#4929)
  • Add version string to iframe_editor.css to prevent stale cache entry (#4964)

Notable enhancements

  • Refactor pad loading (no document.write anymore) (#4960)
  • Improve import/export functionality, logging and tests (#4957)
  • Refactor CSS manager creation (#4963)
  • Better metrics
  • Add test for client height (#4965)


  • ueberDB2 1.3.2 -> 1.4.4
  • express-rate-limit 5.2.5 -> 5.2.6
  • etherpad-require-kernel 1.0.9 -> 1.0.11


Special mention: Thanks to Sauce Labs for additional testing tunnels to help us grow! :)

Security patches

  • Fixed a regression in v1.8.11 which caused some pad names to cause Etherpad to restart.

Notable fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the dirty database driver that sometimes caused Node.js to crash during shutdown and lose buffered database writes.
  • Fixed a regression in v1.8.8 that caused "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined" with some plugins (#4885)
  • Less warnings in server console for supported element types on import.
  • Support Azure and other network share installations by using a more truthful relative path.

Notable enhancements

  • Dependency updates
  • Various Docker deployment improvements
  • Various new translations
  • Improvement of rendering of plugin hook list and error message handling


Notable fixes

  • Fix server crash issue within PadMessageHandler due to SocketIO handling
  • Fix editor issue with drop downs not being visible
  • Ensure correct version is passed when loading front end resources
  • Ensure underscore and jquery are available in original location for plugin comptability

Notable enhancements

  • Improved page load speeds


Security Patches

  • Resolve potential ReDoS vulnerability in your project - GHSL-2020-359

Compatibility changes

  • JSONP API has been removed in favor of using the mature OpenAPI implementation.
  • Node 14 is now required for Docker Deployments

Notable fixes

  • Various performance and stability fixes

Notable enhancements

  • Improved line number alignment and user experience around line anchors
  • Notification to admin console if a plugin is missing during user file import
  • Beautiful loading and reconnecting animation
  • Additional code quality improvements
  • Dependency updates


Notable fixes

  • Fixed HTTP 400 error when importing via the UI.
  • Fixed "Error: spawn npm ENOENT" crash on startup in Windows.

Notable enhancements

  • Removed some unnecessary arrow key handling logic.
  • Dependency updates.


Security patches

  • EJS has been updated to 3.1.6 to mitigate an Arbitrary Code Injection

Compatibility changes

  • Node.js 10.17.0 or newer is now required.

  • The bin/ and tests/ directories were moved under src/. Symlinks were added at the old locations to hopefully avoid breaking user scripts and other tools.

  • Dependencies are now installed with the --no-optional flag to speed installation. Optional dependencies such as sqlite3 must now be manually installed (e.g., (cd src && npm i sqlite3)).

  • Socket.IO messages are now limited to 10K bytes to make denial of service attacks more difficult. This may cause issues when pasting large amounts of text or with plugins that send large messages (e.g., ep_image_upload). You can change the limit via settings.json; see socketIo.maxHttpBufferSize.

  • The top-level package.json file, added in v1.8.7, has been removed due to problematic npm behavior. Whenever you install a plugin you will see the following benign warnings that can be safely ignored:

    npm WARN saveError ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '.../package.json'
    npm WARN enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '.../package.json'
    npm WARN develop No description
    npm WARN develop No repository field.
    npm WARN develop No README data
    npm WARN develop No license field.

Notable enhancements

  • You can now generate a link to a specific line number in a pad. Appending #L10 to a pad URL will cause your browser to scroll down to line 10.
  • Database performance is significantly improved.
  • Admin UI now has test coverage in CI. (The tests are not enabled by default; see settings.json.)
  • New stats/metrics: activePads, httpStartTime, lastDisconnected, memoryUsageHeap.
  • Improved import UX.
  • Browser caching improvements.
  • Users can now pick absolute white (#fff) as their color.
  • The settings.json template used for Docker images has new variables for controlling rate limiting.
  • Admin UI now has test coverage in CI. (The tests are not enabled by default because the admin password is required; see settings.json.)
  • For plugin authors:
    • New callAllSerial() function that invokes hook functions like callAll() except it supports asynchronous hook functions.
    • callFirst() and aCallFirst() now support the same wide range of hook function behaviors that callAll(), aCallAll(), and callAllSerial() support. Also, they now warn when a hook function misbehaves.
    • The following server-side hooks now support asynchronous hook functions: expressConfigure, expressCreateServer, padCopy, padRemove
    • Backend tests for plugins can now use the ep_etherpad-lite/tests/backend/common module to start the server and simplify API access.
    • The checkPlugins.js script now automatically adds GitHub CI test coverage badges for backend tests and npm publish.

Notable fixes

  • Enter key now stays in focus when inserted at bottom of viewport.
  • Numbering for ordered list items now properly increments when exported to text.
  • Suppressed benign connection errors
  • Interface no longer loses color variants on disconnect/reconnect event.
  • General code quality is further significantly improved.
  • Restarting Etherpad via /admin actions is more robust.
  • Improved reliability of server shutdown and restart.
  • No longer error if no buttons are visible.
  • For plugin authors:
    • Fixed collectContentLineText return value handling.


Compatibility-breaking changes

  • IMPORTANT: It is no longer possible to protect a group pad with a password. All API calls to setPassword or isPasswordProtected will fail. Existing group pads that were previously password protected will no longer be password protected. If you need fine-grained access control, you can restrict API session creation in your frontend service, or you can use plugins.
  • All workarounds for Microsoft Internet Explorer have been removed. IE might still work, but it is untested.
  • Plugin hook functions are now subject to new sanity checks. Buggy hook functions will cause an error message to be logged
  • Authorization failures now return 403 by default instead of 401
  • The authorize hook is now only called after successful authentication. Use the new preAuthorize hook if you need to bypass authentication
  • The authFailure hook is deprecated; use the new authnFailure and authzFailure hooks instead
  • The indexCustomInlineScripts hook was removed
  • The client context property for the handleMessage and handleMessageSecurity hooks has been renamed to socket (the old name is still usable but deprecated)
  • The aceAttribClasses hook functions are now called synchronously
  • The format of ENTER, CREATE, and LEAVE log messages has changed
  • Strings passed to $.gritter.add() are now expected to be plain text, not HTML. Use jQuery or DOM objects if you need formatting

Notable new features

  • Users can now import without creating and editing the pad first
  • Added a new readOnly user setting that makes it possible to create users in settings.json that can read pads but not create or modify them
  • Added a new canCreate user setting that makes it possible to create users in settings.json that can modify pads but not create them
  • The authorize hook now accepts readOnly to grant read-only access to a pad
  • The authorize hook now accepts modify to grant modify-only (creation prohibited) access to a pad
  • All authentication successes and failures are now logged
  • Added a new cookie.sameSite setting that makes it possible to enable authentication when Etherpad is embedded in an iframe from another site
  • New exportHTMLAdditionalContent hook to include additional HTML content
  • New exportEtherpadAdditionalContent hook to include additional database content in .etherpad exports
  • New expressCloseServer hook to close Express when required
  • The padUpdate hook context now includes revs and changeset
  • checkPlugin.js has various improvements to help plugin developers
  • The HTTP request object (and therefore the express-session state) is now accessible from within most eejsBlock_* hooks
  • Users without a password or hash property in settings.json are no longer ignored, so they can now be used by authentication plugins
  • New permission denied modal and block permissionDenied
  • Plugins are now updated to the latest version instead of minor or patches

Notable fixes

  • Fixed rate limit accounting when Etherpad is behind a reverse proxy
  • Fixed typos that prevented access to pads via an HTTP API session
  • Fixed authorization failures for pad URLs containing a percent-encoded character
  • Fixed exporting of read-only pads
  • Passwords are no longer written to connection state database entries or logged in debug logs
  • When using the keyboard to navigate through the toolbar buttons the button with the focus is now highlighted
  • Fixed support for Node.js 10 by passing the --experimental-worker flag
  • Fixed export of HTML attributes within a line
  • Fixed occasional "Cannot read property 'offsetTop' of undefined" error in timeslider when "follow pad contents" is checked
  • errors are now displayed instead of silently ignored
  • Pasting while the caret is in a link now works (except for middle-click paste on X11 systems)
  • Removal of Microsoft Internet Explorer specific code
  • Import better handles line breaks and white space
  • Fix issue with createDiffHTML incorrect call of getInternalRevisionAText
  • Allow additional characters in URLs
  • MySQL engine fix and various other UeberDB updates (See UeberDB changelog).
  • Admin UI improvements on search results (to remove duplicate items)
  • Removal of unused cruft from clientVars (ip and userAgent)

Minor changes

  • Temporary disconnections no longer force a full page refresh
  • Toolbar layout for narrow screens is improved
  • Fixed SameSite cookie attribute for the language, token, and pref cookies
  • Fixed superfluous database accesses when deleting a pad
  • Expanded test coverage.
  • package-lock.json is now lint checked on commit
  • Various lint fixes/modernization of code


  • IMPORTANT: This fixes a severe problem with postgresql in 1.8.5
  • SECURITY: Fix authentication and authorization bypass vulnerabilities
  • API: Update version to 1.2.15
  • FEATURE: Add copyPadWithoutHistory API (#4295)
  • FEATURE: Package more asset files to save http requests (#4286)
  • MINOR: Improve UI when reconnecting
  • TESTS: Improve tests


  • IMPORTANT DROP OF SUPPORT: Drop support for IE. Browsers now need async/await.
  • IMPORTANT SECURITY: Rate limit Commits when env=production
  • SECURITY: Non completed uploads no longer crash Etherpad
  • SECURITY: Log authentication requests
  • FEATURE: Support ES6 (migrate from Uglify-JS to Terser)
  • FEATURE: Improve support for non-cookie enabled browsers
  • FEATURE: New hooks for index.html
  • FEATURE: New script to delete sessions.
  • FEATURE: New setting to allow import withing an author session on a pad
  • FEATURE: Checks Etherpad version on startup and notifies if update is available. Also available in /admin interface.
  • FEATURE: Timeslider updates pad location to most recent edit
  • MINOR: Outdent UL/LI items on removal of list item
  • MINOR: Various UL/LI import/export bugs
  • MINOR: PDF export fix
  • MINOR: Front end tests no longer run (and subsequently error) on pull requests
  • MINOR: Fix issue with
  • closing a list before it opens
  • MINOR: Fix bug where large pads would fire a console error in timeslider
  • MINOR: Fix ?showChat URL param issue
  • MINOR: Issue where timeslider URI fails to be correct if padID is numeric
  • MINOR: Include prompt for clear authorship when entire document is selected
  • MINOR: Include full document aText every 100 revisions to make pad restoration on database corruption achievable
  • MINOR: Several Colibris CSS fixes
  • MINOR: Use mime library for mime types instead of hard-coded.
  • MINOR: Don't show "new pad button" if instance is read only
  • MINOR: Use latest NodeJS when doing Windows build
  • MINOR: Change disconnect logic to reconnect instead of silently failing
  • MINOR: Update SocketIO, async, jQuery and Mocha which were stuck due to stale code.
  • MINOR: Rewrite the majority of the bin scripts to use more modern syntax
  • MINOR: Improved CSS anomation through prefers-reduced-motion
  • PERFORMANCE: Use workers (where possible) to minify CSS/JS on first page request. This improves initial startup times.
  • PERFORMANCE: Cache EJS files improving page load speed when maxAge > 0.
  • PERFORMANCE: Fix performance for large pads
  • TESTS: Additional test coverage for OL/LI/Import/Export
  • TESTS: Include Simulated Load Testing in CI.
  • TESTS: Include content collector tests to test contentcollector.js logic external to pad dependents.
  • TESTS: Include fuzzing import test.
  • TESTS: Ensure CI is no longer using any cache
  • TESTS: Fix various tests...
  • TESTS: Various additional Travis testing including libreoffice import/export


  • FIX: fix a performance regression on MySQL introduced in 1.8.3
  • FIX: when running behind a reverse proxy and exposed in an inner directory, fonts and toolbar icons should now be visible. This is a regression introduced in 1.8.3
  • FIX: cleanups in the UI after the CSS rehaul of 1.8.3
  • MINOR: protect against bugged/stale UI elements after updates. An explicit cache busting via random query string is performed at each start. This needs to be replaced with hashed names in static assets.
  • MINOR: improved some tests
  • MINOR: fixed long-standing bugs in the maintenance tools in /bin (migrateDirtyDBtoRealDB, rebuildPad, convert, importSqlFile)


  • FEATURE: colibris is now the default skin for new installs
  • FEATURE: improved colibris visuals, and migrated to Flexbox layout
  • FEATURE: skin variants: colibris skin colors can be easily customized. Visit
  • REQUIREMENTS: minimum required Node version is 10.13.0 LTS.
  • MINOR: stability fixes for the async migration in 1.8.0 (fixed many UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning and the few remaining crashes)
  • MINOR: improved stability of import/export functionality
  • MINOR: fixed many small UI quirks (timeslider, import/export, chat)
  • MINOR: Docker images are now built & run in production mode by default
  • MINOR: reduced the size of the Docker images
  • MINOR: better documented cookies and configuration parameters of the Docker image
  • MINOR: better database support (especially MySQL)
  • MINOR: additional test coverage
  • MINOR: restored compatibility with ep_hash_auth
  • MINOR: migrate from swagger-node-express to openapi-backend
  • MINOR: honor the Accept-Language HTTP headers sent by browsers, eventually serving language variants
  • PERFORMANCE: correctly send HTTP/304 for minified files
  • SECURITY: bumped many dependencies. At the time of the release, this version has 0 reported vulnerabilities by npm audit
  • SECURITY: never send referrer when opening a link
  • SECURITY: rate limit imports and exports
  • SECURITY: do not allow pad import if a user never contributed to that pad
  • SECURITY: expose configuration parameter for limiting max import size

BREAKING CHANGE: undoing the "clear authorship colors" command is no longer supported (see #2802) BREAKING CHANGE: the visuals and CSS structure of the page was updated. Plugins may need a CSS rehaul


  • SECURITY: change referrer policy so that Etherpad addresses aren't leaked when links are clicked (discussion: #3636)
  • SECURITY: set the "secure" flag for the session cookies when served over SSL. From now on it will not be possible to serve the same instance both in cleartext and over SSL


  • FEATURE: code was migrated to async/await, getting rid of a lot of callbacks (see #3540)
  • FEATURE: support configuration via environment variables
  • FEATURE: include an official Dockerfile in the main repository
  • FEATURE: support including plugins in custom Docker builds
  • FEATURE: conditional creation of users: when its password is null, a user is not created. This helps, for example, in advanced configuration of Docker images.
  • REQUIREMENTS: minimum required Node version is 8.9.0 LTS. Release 1.8.3 will require at least Node 10.13.0 LTS
  • MINOR: in the HTTP API, allow URL parameters and POST bodies to co-exist
  • MINOR: fix Unicode bug in HTML export
  • MINOR: bugfixes to colibris chat window
  • MINOR: code simplification (avoided double negations, introduced early exits, ...)
  • MINOR: reduced the size of the Windows package
  • MINOR: upgraded the nodejs runtime to 10.16.3 in the Windows package
  • SECURITY: avoided XSS in IE11
  • SECURITY: the version is exposed in http header only when configured
  • SECURITY: updated vendored jQuery version
  • SECURITY: bumped dependencies


  • FEATURE: introduced support for multiple skins. See
  • FEATURE: added a new, optional skin. It can be activated choosing skinName: "colibris" in settings.json
  • FEATURE: allow file import using LibreOffice
  • SECURITY: updated many dependencies. No known high or moderate risk dependencies remain.
  • SECURITY: generate better random pad names
  • FIX: don't nuke all installed plugins if npm install fails
  • FIX: improved LibreOffice export
  • FIX: allow debug mode on node versions >= 6.3
  • MINOR: started making Etherpad less dependent on current working directory when running
  • MINOR: started simplifying the code structure, flattening complex conditions
  • MINOR: simplified a bit the startup scripts

UPGRADE NOTES: if you have custom files in src/static/custom, save them somewhere else, revert the directory contents, update to Etherpad 1.7.5, and finally put them back in their new location, uder src/static/skins/no-skin.


  • FIX: getLineHTMLForExport() no longer produces multiple copies of a line. WARNING: this could potentially break some plugins
  • FIX: authorship of bullet points no longer changes when a second author edits them
  • FIX: improved Firefox compatibility (non printable keys)
  • FIX: getPadPlainText() was not working
  • REQUIREMENTS: minimum required Node version is 6.9.0 LTS. The next release will require at least Node 8.9.0 LTS
  • SECURITY: updated MySQL, Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL drivers
  • SECURITY: started updating deprecated code and packages
  • DOCS: documented --credentials, --apikey, --sessionkey. Better detailed contributors guidelines. Added a section on securing the installation


  • FIX: line numbers are aligned with text again (broken in 1.6.4)
  • FIX: text entered between connection loss and reconnection was not saved
  • FIX: diagnostic call failed when etherpad was exposed in a subdirectory


  • SECURITY: Escape data when listing available plugins
  • FIX: Fix typo in apicalls.js which prevented importing isValidJSONPName
  • FIX: fixed plugin dependency issue
  • FIX: Update iframe_editor.css
  • FIX: unbreak Safari iOS line wrapping


  • SECURITY: Access Control bypass on /admin - CVE-2018-9845
  • SECURITY: Remote Code Execution through pad export - CVE-2018-9327
  • SECURITY: Remote Code Execution through JSONP handling - CVE-2018-9326
  • SECURITY: Pad data leak - CVE-2018-9325
  • Fix: Admin redirect URL
  • Fix: Various script Fixes
  • Fix: Various CSS/Style/Layout fixes
  • NEW: Improved Pad contents readability
  • NEW: Hook: onAccessCheck
  • NEW: SESSIONKEY and APIKey customizable path
  • NEW: checkPads script
  • NEW: Support "cluster mode"


  • SECURITY: Update ejs
  • SECURITY: xss vulnerability when reading window.location.href
  • SECURITY: sanitize jsonp
  • NEW: Catch SIGTERM for graceful shutdown
  • NEW: Show actual applied text formatting for caret position
  • NEW: Add settings to improve scrolling of viewport on line changes


  • NEW: Added pad shortcut disabling feature
  • NEW: Create option to automatically reconnect after a few seconds
  • Update: to 1.7.3
  • Update: l10n lib
  • Update: request to 2.83.0
  • Update: Node for windows to 8.9.0
  • Fix: minification of code


  • NEW: Hook aceRegisterNonScrollableEditEvents to register events that shouldn't scroll
  • NEW: Added 'item' parameter to registerAceCommand Hook
  • NEW: Added LibreJS support
  • Fix: Crash on malformed export url
  • Fix: Re-enable editor after user is reconnected to server
  • Fix: minification
  • Other: Added 'no-referrer' for all pads
  • Other: Improved cookie security
  • Other: Fixed compatibility with nodejs 7
  • Other: Updates
  • to 1.6.0
  • express to 4.13.4
  • express-session to 1.13.0
  • clean-css to 3.4.12
  • uglify-js to 2.6.2
  • log4js to 0.6.35
  • cheerio to 0.20.0
  • ejs to 2.4.1
  • graceful-fs to 4.1.3
  • semver to 5.1.0
  • unorm to 1.4.1
  • jsonminify to 0.4.1
  • measured to 1.1.0
  • mocha to 2.4.5
  • supertest to 1.2.0
  • npm to 4.0.2
  • Node.js for Windows to 6.9.2


  • SECURITY: Fix a possible xss attack in iframe link
  • NEW: Add a aceSelectionChanged hook to allow plugins to react when the cursor location changes.
  • NEW: Accepting Arrays on 'exportHtmlAdditionalTags' to handle attributes stored as ['key', 'value']
  • NEW: Allow admin to run on a sub-directory
  • NEW: Support version 5 of node.js
  • NEW: Update windows build to node version 4.4.3
  • NEW: Create setting to control if a new line will be indented or not
  • NEW: Add an appendText API
  • NEW: Allow LibreOffice to be used when exporting a pad
  • NEW: Create hook exportHtmlAdditionalTagsWithData
  • NEW: Improve DB migration performance
  • NEW: allow settings to be applied from the filesystem
  • NEW: remove applySettings hook and allow credentials.json to be part of core
  • NEW: Use exec to switch to node process
  • NEW: Validate incoming color codes
  • Fix: Avoid space removal when pasting text from word processor.
  • Fix: Removing style that makes editor scroll to the top on iOS without any action from the user
  • Fix: Fix API call appendChatMessage to send new message to all connected clients
  • Fix: Timeslider "Return to pad" button
  • Fix: Generating pad HTML with tags like instead of TAG:VALUE
  • Fix: Get git commit hash even if the repo only points to a bare repo.
  • Fix: Fix decode error if pad name contains special characters and is sanitized
  • Fix: Fix handleClientMessage_USER_* payloads not containing user info
  • Fix: Set language cookie on initial load
  • Fix: Timeslider Not Translated
  • Other: set charset for mysql connection in settings.json
  • Other: Dropped support for io.js
  • Other: Add support to store credentials in credentials.json
  • Other: Support node version 4 or higher
  • Other: Update uberDB to version 0.3.0


  • NEW: Add support for intermediate CA certificates for ssl
  • NEW: Provide a script to clean up before running etherpad
  • NEW: Use ctrl+shift+1 to do a ordered list
  • NEW: Show versions of plugins on startup
  • NEW: Add author on padCreate and padUpdate hook
  • Fix: switchToPad method
  • Fix: Dead keys
  • Fix: Preserve new lines in copy-pasted text
  • Fix: Compatibility mode on IE
  • Fix: Content Collector to get the class of the DOM-node
  • Fix: Timeslider export links
  • Fix: Double prompt on file upload
  • Fix: setText() replaces the entire pad text
  • Fix: Accessibility features on embedded pads
  • Fix: Tidy HTML before abiword conversion
  • Fix: Remove edit buttons in read-only view
  • Fix: Disable user input in read-only view
  • Fix: Pads end with a single newline, rather than two newlines
  • Fix: Toolbar and chat for mobile devices


  • Fix: Error on windows installations


  • SECURITY: Also don't allow read files on directory traversal on minify paths
  • NEW: padOptions can be set in settings.json now
  • Fix: Add check for special characters in createPad API function
  • Fix: Middle click on a link in firefox don't paste text anymore
  • Fix: Made setPadRaw async to import larger etherpad files
  • Fix: rtl
  • Fix: Problem in older IEs
  • Other: Update to express 4.x
  • Other: Dropped support for node 0.8
  • Other: Update ejs to version 2.x
  • Other: Moved sessionKey from settings.json to a new auto-generated SESSIONKEY.txt file


  • SECURITY: Also don't allow read files on directory traversal on frontend tests path


  • NEW: Accessibility support for Screen readers, includes new fonts and keyboard shortcuts
  • NEW: API endpoint for Append Chat Message and Chat Backend Tests
  • NEW: Error messages displayed on load are included in Default Pad Text (can be suppressed)
  • NEW: Content Collector can handle key values
  • NEW: getAttributesOnPosition Method
  • FIX: Firefox keeps attributes (bold etc) on cut/copy -> paste
  • Fix: showControls=false now works
  • Fix: Cut and Paste works...
  • SECURITY: Don't allow read files on directory traversal


  • NEW: Support for node version 0.12.x
  • NEW: API endpoint saveRevision, getSavedRevisionCount and listSavedRevisions
  • NEW: setting to allow load testing
  • Fix: Rare scroll issue
  • Fix: Handling of custom pad path
  • Fix: Better error handling of imports and exports of type "etherpad"
  • Fix: Walking caret in chrome
  • Fix: Better handling for changeset problems
  • SECURITY Fix: Information leak for etherpad exports (CVE-2015-2298)


  • NEW: High resolution Icon
  • NEW: Use HTTPS for plugins.json download
  • NEW: Add 'last update' column
  • NEW: Show users and chat at the same time
  • NEW: Support io.js
  • Fix: removeAttributeOnLine now works properly
  • Fix: Plugin search and list
  • Fix: Issue where unauthed request could cause error
  • Fix: Privacy issue with .etherpad export
  • Fix: Freeze deps to improve bisectability
  • Fix: IE, everything. IE is so broken.
  • Fix: Timeslider proxy
  • Fix: All backend tests pass
  • Fix: Better support for Export into HTML
  • Fix: Timeslider stars
  • Fix: Translation update
  • Fix: Check filesystem if Abiword exists
  • Fix: Docs formatting
  • Fix: Move Save Revision notification to a gritter message
  • Fix: UeberDB MySQL Timeout issue
  • Fix: Indented +9 list items
  • Fix: Don't paste on middle click of link
  • SECURITY Fix: Issue where a malformed URL could cause EP to disclose installation location


  • NEW: Lots of performance improvements for page load times
  • NEW: Hook for adding CSS to Exports
  • NEW: Allow shardable socket io
  • NEW: Allow UI to show when attr/prop is applied (CSS)
  • NEW: Various scripts
  • NEW: Export full fidelity pads (including authors etc.)
  • NEW: Various front end tests
  • NEW: Backend tests
  • NEW: switchPad hook to instantly switch between pads
  • NEW: Various translations
  • NEW: Icon sets instead of images to provide quality high DPI experience
  • Fix: HTML Import blocking / hanging server
  • Fix: Export Bullet / Numbered lists HTML
  • Fix: Swagger deprecated warning
  • Fix: Bad session from crashing server
  • Fix: Allow relative settings path
  • Fix: Stop attributes being improperly assigned between 2 lines
  • Fix: Copy / Move Pad API race condition
  • Fix: Save all user preferences
  • Fix: Upgrade majority of dependency inc upgrade to SocketIO1+
  • Fix: Provide UI button to restore maximized chat window
  • Fix: Timeslider UI Fix
  • Fix: Remove Dokuwiki
  • Fix: Remove long paths from windows build (stops error during extract)
  • Fix: Various globals removed
  • Fix: Move all scripts into bin/
  • Fix: Various CSS bugfixes for Mobile devices
  • Fix: Overflow Toolbar
  • Fix: Line Attribute management


  • NEW: Translations
  • NEW: userLeave Hook
  • NEW: Script to reinsert all DB values of a Pad
  • NEW: Allow for absolute settings paths
  • NEW: API: Get Pad ID from read Only Pad ID
  • NEW: Huge improvement on MySQL database read/write (InnoDB to MyISAM)
  • NEW: Hook for Export File Name
  • NEW: Preprocessor Hook for DOMLine attributes (allows plugins to wrap entire line contents)
  • Fix: Exception on Plugin Search and fix for plugins not being fetched
  • Fix: Font on innerdoc body can be arial on paste
  • Fix: Fix Dropping of messages in handleMessage
  • Fix: Don't use Abiword for HTML exports
  • Fix: Color issues with user Icon
  • Fix: Timeslider Button
  • Fix: Session Deletion error
  • Fix: Allow browser tabs to be cycled when focus is in editor
  • Fix: Various Editor issues with Easysync potentially entering forever loop on bad changeset


  • NEW: Disable toolbar items through settings.json
  • NEW: Internal stats/metrics engine
  • NEW: Copy/Move Pad API functions
  • NEW: getAttributeOnSelection method
  • NEW: CSS function when an attribute is active on caret location
  • NEW: Various new eejs blocks
  • NEW: Ace afterEditHook
  • NEW: Import hook to introduce alternative export methods
  • NEW: preProcessDomLine allows Domline attributes to be processed before native attributes
  • Fix: Allow for lighter author colors
  • Fix: Improved randomness of session tokens
  • Fix: Don't panic if an author2session/group2session no longer exists
  • Fix: Gracefully fallback to related languages if chosen language is unavailable
  • Fix: Various changeset/stability bugs
  • Fix: Re-enable import buttons after failed import
  • Fix: Allow browser tabs to be cycled when in editor
  • Fix: Better Protocol detection
  • Fix: padList API Fix
  • Fix: Caret walking issue
  • Fix: Better settings.json parsing
  • Fix: Improved import/export handling
  • Other: Various whitespace/code clean-up
  • Other: .deb packaging creator
  • Other: More API Documentation
  • Other: Lots more translations
  • Other: Support Node 0.11


  • NEW: We now follow the semantic versioning scheme!
  • NEW: Option to disable IP logging
  • NEW: Localisation updates from
  • Fix: Fix readOnly group pads
  • Fix: don't fetch padList on every request


  • NEW: Add explanations for more disconnect scenarios
  • NEW: export sessioninfos so plugins can access it
  • NEW: pass pad in postAceInit hook
  • NEW: Add trustProxy setting. ALlows to make ep use X-forwarded-for as remoteAddress
  • NEW: userLeave hook (UNDOCUMENTED)
  • NEW: Plural macro for translations
  • NEW: backlinks to main page in Admin pages
  • NEW: New translations from
  • SECURITY FIX: Filter author data sent to clients
  • FIX: Never keep processing a changeset if it's corrupted
  • FIX: Some client-side performance fixes for webkit browsers
  • FIX: Only execute listAllPads query on demand (not on start-up)
  • FIX: HTML import (don't crash on malformed or blank HTML input; strip title out of html during import)
  • FIX: check if uploaded file only contains ascii chars when abiword disabled
  • FIX: Plugin search in /admin/plugins
  • FIX: Don't create new pad if a non-existent read-only pad is accessed
  • FIX: Drop messages from unknown connections (would lead to a crash after a restart)
  • FIX: API: fix createGroupFor endpoint, if mapped group is deleted
  • FIX: Import form for other locales
  • FIX: Don't stop processing changeset queue if there is an error
  • FIX: Caret movement. Chrome detects blank rows line heights as incorrect
  • FIX: allow colons in password
  • FIX: Polish logging of client-side errors on the server
  • FIX: Username url param
  • FIX: Make start script POSIX ompatible


  • NEW: New Hook for outer_ace dynamic css manager and author style hook
  • NEW: Bump log4js for improved logging
  • Fix: Remove URL schemes which don't have RFC standard
  • Fix: Fix safeRun subsequent restarts issue
  • Fix: Allow safeRun to pass arguments to
  • Fix: Include script for more efficient import
  • Fix: Fix sysv comptibile script
  • Fix: Fix client side changeset spamming
  • Fix: Don't crash on no-auth
  • Fix: Fix some IE8 errors
  • Fix: Fix authorship sanitation


  • NEW: Broadcast slider is exposed in timeslider so plugins can interact with it
  • Fix: IE issue where pads wouldn't load due to missing console from i18n
  • Fix: console issue in collab client would error on cross domain embeds in IE
  • Fix: Only Restart Etherpad once plugin is installed
  • Fix: Only redraw lines that exist after drag and drop
  • Fix: Pasting into ordered list
  • Fix: Import browser detection
  • Fix: 2 Part Locale Specs
  • Fix: Remove language string from chat element
  • Fix: Make Saved revision Star fade back out on non Top frames
  • Other: Remove some cruft legacy JS from old Etherpad
  • Other: Express 3.1.2 breaks sessions, set Express to 3.1.0


  • NEW: Authors can now send custom object messages to other Authors making 3 way conversations possible. This introduces WebRTC plugin support.
  • NEW: Hook for Chat Messages Allows for Desktop Notification support
  • NEW: FreeBSD installation docs
  • NEW: Ctrl S for save revision makes the Icon glow for a few sconds.
  • NEW: Various hooks and expose the document ACE object
  • NEW: Plugin page revamp makes finding and installing plugins more sane.
  • NEW: Icon to enable sticky chat from the Chat box
  • Fix: Cookies inside of plugins
  • Fix: Don't leak event emitters when accessing admin/plugins
  • Fix: Don't allow user to send messages after they have been "kicked" from a pad
  • Fix: Refactor Caret navigation with Arrow and Pageup/down keys stops cursor being lost
  • Fix: Long lines in Firefox now wrap properly
  • Fix: Session Disconnect limit is increased from 10 to 20 to support slower restarts
  • Fix: Support Node 0.10
  • Fix: Log HTTP on DEBUG log level
  • Fix: Server wont crash on import fails on 0 file import.
  • Fix: Import no longer fails consistently
  • Fix: Language support for non existing languages
  • Fix: Mobile support for chat notifications are now usable
  • Fix: Re-Enable Editbar buttons on reconnect
  • Fix: Clearing authorship colors no longer disconnects all clients
  • Other: New debug information for sessions


  • Fix: MAJOR Security issue, where a hacker could submit content as another user
  • Fix: security issue due to unescaped user input
  • Fix: Admin page at /admin redirects to /admin/ now to prevent breaking relative links
  • Fix: indentation in chrome on linux
  • Fix: PadUsers API endpoint
  • NEW: A script to import data to all dbms
  • NEW: Add authorId to chat and userlist as a data attribute
  • NEW: Refactor and fix our frontend tests
  • NEW: Localisation updates


  • Fix: CtrlZ-Y for Undo Redo
  • Fix: RTL functionality on contents & fix RTL/LTR tests and RTL in Safari
  • Fix: Various other tests fixed in Android


! IMPORTANT: New setting.json value is required to automatically reconnect clients on disconnect

  • NEW: Use Socket IO for rooms (allows for pads to be load balanced with sticky rooms)
  • NEW: Plugins can now provide their own frontend tests
  • NEW: Improved server-side logging
  • NEW: Admin dashboard mobile device support and new hooks for Admin dashboard
  • NEW: Get current API version from API
  • NEW: CLI script to delete pads
  • Fix: Automatic client reconnection on disconnect
  • Fix: Text Export indentation now supports multiple indentations
  • Fix: Bugfix getChatHistory API method
  • Fix: Stop Chrome losing caret after paste is texted
  • Fix: Make colons on end of line create 4 spaces on indent
  • Fix: Stop the client disconnecting if a rev is in the wrong order
  • Fix: Various server crash issues based on rev in wrong order
  • Fix: Various tests
  • Fix: Make indent when on middle of the line stop creating list
  • Fix: Stop long strings breaking the UX by moving focus away from beginning of line
  • Fix: Redis findKeys support
  • Fix: padUsersCount no longer hangs server
  • Fix: Issue with two part locale specs not working
  • Fix: Make plugin search case insensitive
  • Fix: Indentation and bullets on text export
  • Fix: Resolve various warnings on dependencies during install
  • Fix: Page up / Page down now works in all browsers
  • Fix: Stop Opera browser inserting two new lines on enter keypress
  • Fix: Stop timeslider from showing NaN on pads with only one revision
  • Other: Allow timeslider tests to run and provide & fix various other frontend-tests
  • Other: Begin dropping reference to Lite. Etherpad Lite is now named "Etherpad"
  • Other: Update to latest jQuery
  • Other: Change loading message asking user to please wait on first build
  • Other: Allow etherpad to use global npm installation (Safe since node 6.3)
  • Other: Better documentation for log rotation and log message handling


  • NEW: notifications are now modularized and can be stacked
  • NEW: Visit a specific revision in the timeslider by suffixing #%revNumber% IE http://localhost/p/test/timeslider#12
  • NEW: Link to plugin on Admin page allows admins to easily see plugin details in a new window by clicking on the plugin name
  • NEW: Automatically see plugins that require update and be able to one click update
  • NEW: API endpoints for Chat .. getChatHistory, getChatHead
  • NEW: API endpoint to see a pad diff in HTML format from revision x to revision y .. createPadDiffHTML
  • NEW: Real time plugin search & unified menu UI for admin pages
  • Fix: MAJOR issue where server could be crashed by malformed client message
  • Fix: AuthorID is now included in padUsers API response
  • Fix: make docs
  • Fix: Timeslider UI bug with slider not being in position
  • Fix: IE8 language issue where it wouldn't load pads due to IE8 suckling on the bussum of hatrid
  • Fix: Import timeout issue
  • Fix: Import now works if Params are set in pad URL
  • Fix: Convert script
  • Other: Various new language strings and update/bugfixes of others
  • Other: Clean up the getParams functionality
  • Other: Various new EEJS blocks: index, timeslider, html etc.


  • Fix: Package file UeberDB reference
  • New #users EEJS block for plugins


  • Create timeslider EEJS blocks for plugins
  • Allow for "more messages" to be loaded in chat
  • Introduce better logging
  • API endpoint for "listAllPads"
  • Fix: Stop highlight of timeslider when dragging mouse
  • Fix: Time Delta on Timeslider make date update properly
  • Fix: Prevent empty chat messages from being sent
  • Fix: checkPad script
  • Fix: IE onLoad listener for i18n


  • Fix IE console issue created in 1.2.3
  • Allow CI Tests to pass by ignoring timeslider test
  • Fix broken placeholders in locales
  • Fix extractPadData script
  • Fix documentation for checkToken
  • Fix hitting enter on form in admin/plugins


  • Fix #1307: Chrome needs console.log to be called on console obj
  • Fix #1309: We had broken support for node v0.6 in the last release


  • More translations and better language support. See for more details
  • Add a checkToken Method to the API
  • Bugfix for Internal Caching issue that was causing some 404s on images.
  • Bugfix for IE Import
  • Bugfix for Node 0.6 compatibility
  • Bugfix for multiple cookie support
  • Bugfix for API when requireAuth is enabled.
  • Plugin page now shows plugin version #
  • Show color of Author in Chat messages
  • Allow plugin search by description
  • Allow for different socket IO transports
  • Allow for custom favicon path
  • Control S now does Create new Revision functionality
  • Focus on password when required
  • Frontend Timeslider test
  • Allow for basic HTML etc. import without abiword
  • Native HTTPS support


  • Allow ! in urls inside the editor (Not Pad urls)
  • Allow comments in language files
  • More languages (Finish, Spanish, Bengali, Dutch) Thanks to team. See for more details
  • Bugfix for IE7/8 issue with a JS error #1186
  • Bugfix windows package extraction issue and make the .zip file smaller
  • Bugfix group pad API export
  • Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress and Twilight sucks.


  • Internationalization / Language / Translation support (i18n) with support for German/French
  • A frontend/client side testing framework and backend build tests
  • Customizable robots.txt
  • Customizable app title (finally you can name your epl instance!)
  • eejs render arguments are now passed on to eejs hooks through the newly introduced renderContext argument.
  • Plugin-specific settings in settings.json (finally allowing for things like a google analytics plugin)
  • Serve admin dashboard at /admin (still very limited, though)
  • Modify your settings.json through the newly created UI at /admin/settings
  • Fix: Import <ol> as <ol> and not as <ul>!
  • Added solaris compatibility (bin/ was broken on solaris)
  • Fix a bug with IE9 and Password Protected Pads using HTTPS


  • We updated to express v3 (please make sure your plugin works under express v3)
  • userColor URL parameter which sets the initial author color
  • Hooks for "padCreate", "padRemove", "padUpdate" and "padLoad" events
  • Security patches concerning the handling of messages originating from clients
  • Our database abstraction layer now natively supports couchDB, levelDB, mongoDB, postgres, and redis!
  • We now provide a script helping you to migrate from dirtyDB to MySQL
  • Support running Etherpad Lite behind IIS, using iisnode
  • LibreJS Licensing information in headers of HTML templates
  • Default port number to PORT env var, if port isn't specified in settings
  • Fix for convert.js
  • Raise upper char limit in chat to 999 characters
  • Fixes for mobile layout
  • Fixes for usage behind reverse proxy
  • Improved documentation
  • Fixed some opera style bugs
  • Update npm and fix some bugs, this introduces


  • Introduced Plugin framework
  • Many bugfixes
  • Faster page loading
  • Various UI polishes
  • Saved Revisions
  • Read only Real time view
  • More API functionality

v 1.0.1

  • Updated MySQL driver, this fixes some problems with mysql
  • Fixed export,import and timeslider link when embed parameters are used