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How to allow requests from a server in a different domain in Etherpad? #2090

sanjeev2804 opened this Issue Feb 20, 2014 · 1 comment

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I am trying to create an Etherpad session but it is not working. I can access my etherpad session in Public mode but it gives an error for no access when I unset the Public mode. I am simply creating a cookie according to the PHP setcookie standar with all the relevant information. The cookie value is generated using the CreateSession function of Etherpad PHP client.

Etherpad member

So, I gather you want to allow access only to users with a valid session, that you set via a php script?
The cookie is named sessionID and is to be set for the domain the etherpad instance lives one (also see )

@JohnMcLear JohnMcLear closed this Nov 1, 2014
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