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simevo commented Dec 15, 2016

Hi I am trying to package etherpad for Debian ( 6 years have passed from the 1st attempts, many nodejs modules are now in Debian and there is a dim hope to get it in before the Debian Stretch freeze (Jan 5th).

Would anyone here be willing to support me ? As a start I have 3 questions.

  1. what is the right name here, etherpad or etherpad-lite ?
  2. you depend on etherpad-yajsml, is that same as ?
  3. if we choose postgresql as DB backend, can we skip some code / modules / dependencies (like nano, rethinkdb, couchdb stuff...) ?

Thanks, Paolo

Gared commented Dec 15, 2016

I would support you, but I don't know if it is enough time to do all the work in a few weeks.
We have a script to build a debian package, but it is not really working (anymore):

  1. It's called "etherpad", although it's a little bit irretating because of the "java etherpad".
  2. no it's not the same as far as I know. We have created a few modules that etherpad depends on.
  3. Yes, probably, but I'm not that deep in the subject. ueberdb has many database dependencies which are not absolutely necessary.

But it's great to see that someone wants to work on it!

simevo commented Dec 21, 2016

Another question I have is about the dependency on swagger-node-express version 2.1.3 (based on src/package.json). While this is the current release on npm registry, upstream has moved on to version 0.7.3.
And BTW is this a node module you are using (that gets installed in /usr/lib/nodejs/foo) or a javascript library (that gets installed in /usr/share/javascript/foo/) ?


@simevo Will you develop the package on github? Please document the problems and solutions well. It will be a great help for other distributions too. We wish to have it in gentoo too. You can find our results here: Let me know, if you need betatesters for your debian package and I will ask in our linux user group.

simevo commented Dec 22, 2016

The repo is here:, but there's not much there yet to see.
The main thread on the Debian package in this phase is the ITP bug (
I'll notify major news here as well.

simevo commented Dec 29, 2016

Alright we just missed the stretch freeze window so let's relax !
There is still a lot of work required, particular on packaging stuff & its requirements.
My new goal is to target the next Debian release (testing i..e buster). Creating a version for stretch-backports is also a possibility.


Please, see also for both Debian and Ubuntu Adding a vote there will also help gain support for packaging etherpad.

simevo commented Jan 3, 2017

Do you mean clicking on "this bug affects me" in launchpad ? I have just done that.

But there's more you can do. For example here is an (incomplete) list of dependencies we need to package before we get etherpad-lite in debian:

Any help is welcome, just join the debian javascript packaging team and start hacking !

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