node-uuid deprecated, use uuid module instead #3111

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Just cloned the repository and run, which installed everything.
Got this and other warnings that I'll put into their own issues.

npm WARN deprecated node-uuid@1.4.7: use uuid module instead
$ npm ls node-uuid
└─┬ ep_etherpad-lite@1.6.1 -> /home/me/etherpad/etherpad-lite/src
  ├─┬ npm@4.0.2
  │ └─┬ request@2.78.0
  │   └── node-uuid@1.4.7 
  └─┬ request@2.55.0
    └── node-uuid@1.4.7 

Probably an issue to be opened to npm and request but it could be useful to have it here for tracking its progress. Close it if you feel like it doesn't belong to here.


request already has a version using the correct dependency (see, so it's a matter of Etherpad to use a newer version of request. It makes sense to be tracked here, @pmontrasio . Thanks!

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