• FEATURE: introduced support for multiple skins. See http://etherpad.org/doc/v1.7.5/#index_skins
  • FEATURE: added a new, optional skin. It can be activated choosing skinName: "colibris" in settings.json
  • FEATURE: allow file import using LibreOffice
  • SECURITY: updated many dependencies. No known high or moderate risk dependencies remain.
  • SECURITY: generate better random pad names
  • FIX: don't nuke all installed plugins if npm install fails
  • FIX: improved LibreOffice export
  • FIX: allow debug mode on node versions >= 6.3
  • MINOR: started making Etherpad less dependent on current working directory when running
  • MINOR: started simplifying the code structure, flattening complex conditions
  • MINOR: simplified a bit the startup scripts

UPGRADE NOTES: if you have custom files in src/static/custom, save them
somewhere else, revert the directory contents, update to Etherpad 1.7.5, and
finally put them back in their new location, uder src/static/skins/no-skin.

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@muxator muxator released this Aug 16, 2018 · 154 commits to master since this release

  • FIX: getLineHTMLForExport() no longer produces multiple copies of a line. WARNING: this could potentially break some plugins
  • FIX: authorship of bullet points no longer changes when a second author edits them
  • FIX: improved Firefox compatibility (non printable keys)
  • FIX: getPadPlainText() was not working
  • REQUIREMENTS: minimum required Node version is 6.9.0 LTS. The next release will require at least Node 8.9.0 LTS
  • SECURITY: updated MySQL, Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL drivers
  • SECURITY: started updating deprecated code and packages
  • DOCS: documented --credentials, --apikey, --sessionkey. Better detailed contributors guidelines. Added a section on securing the installation
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@muxator muxator released this May 4, 2018 · 246 commits to master since this release

  • FIX: line numbers are aligned with text again (broken in 1.6.4)
  • FIX: text entered between connection loss and reconnection was not saved
  • FIX: diagnostic call failed when etherpad was exposed in a subdirectory
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@muxator muxator released this Apr 10, 2018 · 267 commits to master since this release

  • SECURITY: Escape data when listing available plugins
  • FIX: Fix typo in apicalls.js which prevented importing isValidJSONPName
  • FIX: fixed plugin dependency issue
  • FIX: Update iframe_editor.css
  • FIX: unbreak Safari iOS line wrapping
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@Gared Gared released this Feb 3, 2018 · 351 commits to master since this release

  • SECURITY: Update ejs
  • SECURITY: xss vulnerability when reading window.location.href
  • SECURITY: sanitize jsonp
  • NEW: Catch SIGTERM for graceful shutdown
  • NEW: Show actual applied text formatting for caret position
  • NEW: Add settings to improve scrolling of viewport on line changes
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@Gared Gared released this Nov 4, 2017 · 376 commits to master since this release

  • NEW: Added pad shortcut disabling feature
  • NEW: Create option to automatically reconnect after a few seconds
  • Update: socket.io to 1.7.3
  • Update: l10n lib
  • Update: request to 2.83.0
  • Update: Node for windows to 8.9.0
  • Fix: minification of code
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@Gared Gared released this Dec 23, 2016 · 510 commits to master since this release

  • NEW: Hook aceRegisterNonScrollableEditEvents to register events that shouldn't scroll
  • NEW: Added 'item' parameter to registerAceCommand Hook
  • NEW: Added LibreJS support
  • Fix: Crash on malformed export url
  • Fix: Re-enable editor after user is reconnected to server
  • Fix: minification
  • Other: Added 'no-referrer' for all pads
  • Other: Improved cookie security
  • Other: Fixed compatibility with nodejs 7
  • Other: Updates
    • socket.io to 1.6.0
    • express to 4.13.4
    • express-session to 1.13.0
    • clean-css to 3.4.12
    • uglify-js to 2.6.2
    • log4js to 0.6.35
    • cheerio to 0.20.0
    • ejs to 2.4.1
    • graceful-fs to 4.1.3
    • semver to 5.1.0
    • unorm to 1.4.1
    • jsonminify to 0.4.1
    • measured to 1.1.0
    • mocha to 2.4.5
    • supertest to 1.2.0
    • npm to 4.0.2
    • Node.js for Windows to 6.9.2
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@Gared Gared released this Apr 24, 2016 · 626 commits to master since this release

  • SECURITY: Fix a possible xss attack in iframe link
  • NEW: Add a aceSelectionChanged hook to allow plugins to react when the cursor location changes.
  • NEW: Accepting Arrays on 'exportHtmlAdditionalTags' to handle attributes stored as ['key', 'value']
  • NEW: Allow admin to run on a sub-directory
  • NEW: Support version 5 of node.js
  • NEW: Update windows build to node version 4.4.3
  • NEW: Create setting to control if a new line will be indented or not
  • NEW: Add an appendText API
  • NEW: Allow LibreOffice to be used when exporting a pad
  • NEW: Create hook exportHtmlAdditionalTagsWithData
  • NEW: Improve DB migration performance
  • NEW: allow settings to be applied from the filesystem
  • NEW: remove applySettings hook and allow credentials.json to be part of core
  • NEW: Use exec to switch to node process
  • NEW: Validate incoming color codes
  • Fix: Avoid space removal when pasting text from word processor.
  • Fix: Removing style that makes editor scroll to the top on iOS without any action from the user
  • Fix: Fix API call appendChatMessage to send new message to all connected clients
  • Fix: Timeslider "Return to pad" button
  • Fix: Generating pad HTML with tags like instead of TAG:VALUE
  • Fix: Get git commit hash even if the repo only points to a bare repo.
  • Fix: Fix decode error if pad name contains special characters and is sanitized
  • Fix: Fix handleClientMessage_USER_* payloads not containing user info
  • Fix: Set language cookie on initial load
  • Fix: Timeslider Not Translated
  • Other: set charset for mysql connection in settings.json
  • Other: Dropped support for io.js
  • Other: Add support to store credentials in credentials.json
  • Other: Support node version 4 or higher
  • Other: Update uberDB to version 0.3.0
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@Gared Gared released this Aug 5, 2015 · 806 commits to master since this release

  • NEW: Add support for intermediate CA certificates for ssl
  • NEW: Provide a script to clean up before running etherpad
  • NEW: Use ctrl+shift+1 to do a ordered list
  • NEW: Show versions of plugins on startup
  • NEW: Add author on padCreate and padUpdate hook
  • Fix: switchToPad method
  • Fix: Dead keys
  • Fix: Preserve new lines in copy-pasted text
  • Fix: Compatibility mode on IE
  • Fix: Content Collector to get the class of the DOM-node
  • Fix: Timeslider export links
  • Fix: Double prompt on file upload
  • Fix: setText() replaces the entire pad text
  • Fix: Accessibility features on embedded pads
  • Fix: Tidy HTML before abiword conversion
  • Fix: Remove edit buttons in read-only view
  • Fix: Disable user input in read-only view
  • Fix: Pads end with a single newline, rather than two newlines
  • Fix: Toolbar and chat for mobile devices
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