Adding a new font icon to fontawesome etherpad

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Etherpad comes with a lot of icons on the fontawesome-etherpad font, but in case you need one that is not there yet, follow these steps:

  • Go to Fontello;
  • Import the existing src/static/font/config.json into Fontello (here's a how-to for this step). This will automatically select some icons on the screen: Screen shot
  • Click on "Download webfont";
  • Unzip the downloaded file;
  • On the resulting unzipped folder, copy the config.json and the four files font/fontawesome-etherpad.* into src/static/font/;
  • That's it! Your code is ready for a pull request, and your icon is available for you to use. Here's an example of pull request that added an icon.

Using an icon from fontawesome-etherpad

Now that your icon is available, here's how to use it:

  • Get icon's code from config.json;
  • Use this converter to find it's HEX value;
  • Place the HEX value on the CSS.