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Embed Parameters

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You can easily embed your etherpad-lite into any webpage by using the embed tag provided. You can find this in the etherpad-lite toolbar when the application is up and running. Click on the icon that looks like this '</>' and you will see some code similar to this:

<iframe src='' width=600 height=400>

If you cut and paste this into any webpage (between the body tags) then etherpad-lite will 'magically' appear.

<iframe src='' width=600 height=400></iframe>

The above code will hide the chat AND the line numbers.

Parameter List

  • showLineNumbers : false/true
  • showControls : false/true
  • showChat : false/true
  • useMonospaceFont : false/true
  • userName : rawurlencoded string (example: "userName=Etherpad%20User")
  • noColors : false/true
  • alwaysShowChat : false/true
  • chatAndUsers : false/true
  • lang : string (example: "lang=ar" translates the interface into Arabic, default: "lang=en")

showChat false will disable access to chat alwaysShowChat will show the chat full size on the page.



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