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for Developers

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This page describes the Etherpad user and developer communities, and ways you can get involved. The project's homepage is

Another good place to get started would be Sites that run Etherpad Lite.

Particularly if you're interested in development, have a look at Community Guidelines.

Etherpad has been used in a many collaborative projects ranging from research to citizenship to creative writing. Some interesting examples are described below.


Example Applications

  • B. Tomlinson, J. Ross, P. André, E.P.S. Baumer, D.J. Patterson, J. Corneli, M. Mahaux, S. Nobarany, M. Lazzari, P. Penzenstadler, A.W. Torrance, D.J. Callele, G.M. Olson, M.S. Silberman, M. Ständer, F.R. Palamedi, A. Salah, E. Morrill, X. Franch, F. Mueller, J. Kaye, R.W. Black, M.L. Cohn, P.C. Shih, J. Brewer, N. Goyal, P. Näkki, J. Huang, N. Baghaei, and C. Saper. 2012. “Massively Distributed Authorship of Academic Papers.” ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2012) Extended Abstracts (alt.chi). 10 pages.

The authors of this paper used Etherpad to explore the future of collaborative academic writing.

This abstract describes an idea for a real-time co-browsing experience, with a proof of concept realized as a browser plugin, integrating Etherpad with Mozilla Firefox via a greasemonkey user script.

Engagement with the wider world

  • Some Etherpad-related bounties are available to work on on Gun.IO.

  • There has been discussion of Etherpad-based editing for Mediawiki pages.

  • Etherpad will be used as the default editor for the new mathematics community website.


  • Expect to see more information for new developers on OpenHatch.