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How to list all pads

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This was posted to the mailing list by Daniel Reeves. The script was actually written by Rob Felty.

The following script will extract the full list of public pads sorted by number of revisions:

Remark: The script does not show new pads (where nothing is written on)

mysql -u USER -pPSW etherpad_lite -e 'select store.key from store' \
   | grep -Eo '^pad:[^:]+' \
   | sed -e 's/pad://' \
   | sort \
   | uniq -c \
   | sort -rn \
   | awk '{if ($1!="2") {print $2 }}'

or even simpler (here also the new pads are shown):

select distinct substring(store.key,5,locate(":",store.key,5)-5) from store where store.key like "pad:%"


sqlite3 ./pad.db 'select store.key from store' \
   | grep -Eo '^pad:[^:]+' \
   | sed -e 's/pad://' \
   | sort \
   | uniq -c \
   | sort -rn \
   | awk '{if ($1!="2") {print $2 }}'


create or replace view v_pads as select substring(key from 'pad:(.*):revs:0') as name from store where key ~ 'pad:.*:revs:0' order by key;
select * from v_pads;
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