Load Testing Etherpad

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Sometimes you want to know the answer to questions such as..

  1. How many clients can use my Etherpad instance?
  2. How many authors can use one pad?
  3. How many lurkers can view a pad?
  4. Is my Etherpad Server powerful enough for my use case?

Thankfully we provide tools to provide the answer. We provide Load testing tools that test your Etherpad instance.

Before you do any testing you will need to enable load testing in your settings.json. You can do this by opening settings.json and finding the loadTest setting and setting it to true ie;


WARNING: This will dramatically reduce the security of your Etherpad instance, you should disable this setting once your load testing is complete.

Once you have enabled load testing visit the Etherpad Load Testing Tool and use this tool to answer your question.



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