Release procedure

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  1. Consider, which changes (aka commits) you want to release into master (This commit comparison view is quite useful)
  2. Determine the new version number, following semantic versioning spec.
  3. Move the relevant commits into a new branch release/x.x.x [using this git flow technique] (
  4. Ensure, all version numbers are up-to-date
  5. Be sure the API version is correct (new endpoints shouldn't be added to already existing API versions)
  6. Update the version number in package.json (and elsewhere?)
  7. Create a new entry in the changelog, documenting all changes.
  8. Push release/x.x.x to github
  9. Open a pull request from release/x.x.x to master
  10. Once the pull request is merged into master, tag the merge commit with x.x.x
  11. Create a new windows build
  12. Run bin/
  13. Name the resulting zip file: etherpad-lite-win-x.x.x-<git-sha>.zip
  14. Add the file here for the website:
  15. Update the docs
  16. Build the docs with make docs
  17. Put the contents of out/doc/ into a new directory doc/vX.X.X/ inside
  18. Adjust all links on
  19. Update the version numbers on all download buttons
  20. Update the documentation link (version number in url and text) on the website
  21. Push to github
  22. Update links in this wiki also
  23. Put up some notices on relevant sites, announcing the new release as well as possibly critical changes it introduces.
  24. Pull master branch over develop
  25. Update the instance using git pull

Note that step 15 is for Etherpad Site Admins



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