Sites that run Etherpad Lite

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Sites That Run Etherpad Lite

Development environments (used for testing new versions / plugins etc)

· (pads are destroyed after 30 days, used as a testing environment for new features and plugins)

· (used for testing webrtc video chat)

· (used for testing codepad)

SSL Enabled

· (including the following modules: upload and paste images, headlines, run as slideshow, comment, insert signature, markdown, line numbers, show author on hover) run by NGO

· (Tor exit enclave and hidden service, pads removed after 30 days of inactivity)

· (Sandstorm demo server — pads removed after 1 hour) or run Etherpad on your own Sandstorm server

· (used for the 2014 Open Knowledge Festival, e.g. see here)

· and (using ep_codepad)

· (integrated with SyMAT, a simple math and programming IDE)

· (secure pad, SecurePass account needed, open free on

· (run by french NGO Framasoft)

· (pads removed after 400 days of inactivity)

· (pads removed after 30 days of inactivity)

· (run by French NGO La Quadrature du Net)

· (run by independent French blog team)

· Cloudron demo server (username: cloudron password: cloudron). Get Etherpad on your own server at

· (French non profit ISP member of

Out of date or currently broken instances (WARNING MAY CONTAIN SECURITY ISSUES)

· http://bx3vpejrfhvgys67.onion (Tor hidden service)

· (pads removed after 30 days of inactivity)

· (Tor hidden service, pads removed after 30 days of inactivity)

· (Email-Notification, SSL coming next, running in Austria)