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EBV2_proposal Ver2 - proposal for “fragmentation support”

Another feature is a “fragmentation support” which is being developed in “ – Ver2” project.

For some telecom operators fragmentation support is not required as they own fibre links and their equipment can natively support jumbo frames. In this case transit of original ethernet frame of maximum size of 1500bytes with additional L3 header is not a problem. On the contrary small ISPs often use internet for overlay transport which imposes strict MTU limitations. So the pseudowire solution they choose must cope with fragmentation issues either via workarounds such as “TCPMSS clamping” or by having fragmentation assembly algorithms implemented in the software which are CPU intensive and slow. “ Ver2” proposes original method of assembling frame’s fragments at line rate speed totally within the datapath with zero CPU/Software involvement.

Please watch the video demonstrating this principle here: V2 assembler block conceptual model demonstration

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